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I don't have .ff files
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Category: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast MOD Support
Mapping, modeling, scripting, etc. game questions, comments and chat.
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Author Topic: file transfers and pk3 registration
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Category: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast MOD Support
Posted: Sunday, Jun. 12, 2005 11:29 pm
hi, i'm the author of a mod called redslushie for jedi academy

i've been designing a meathod of having my clients download maps in pk3 form that the servers don't have.

the meathod i'm working now involves the use of pthreads and libcurl to have a file downloading while the game is being played (with neglegable imact on performance, like 5-6 fps). i've got my transfer system working, i've even got a status indicater on the clientside hud that shows the progress of the transfer, so my clients can play a map they do have while downloading the next map a server will have up (if they don't have the file).

yes, i did test a file transfer and i played JA at 125 fps at the same time

it'd work like this..

1) when the level.time counter is halfway to the timelimit on a map, the server tells all the clients were they can download the next map

2) the client checks to see if it has that map. if it has it, it does nothing, if it does not have it a file transfer is spawned that will download the map to the proper folder

3)when level.time is up, the client has the pk3 in the proper place.. but at this point how do you get the engine to recognize it?

my question is, when the game has completed it's transfer, how do you guys get the engine to recognize the new file? as far as i know that is only read at startup. is there a procedure i can use for this?
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