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Category: CoD Mapping
CoD mapping and level design.
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Author Topic: Tank no play Sound
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Since: Oct 4, 2021
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Last: Oct 5, 2021
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Category: CoD Mapping
Posted: Monday, Oct. 4, 2021 06:58 am
Hi. I am trying to create a new mission for part 1. Now, after creating a Tiger Tank on the map of joining a route to it, it has no sound. I registered the Sound of the Tank for the map in the file. I also can't get the turret to work and aim it at the target. I gave him a script, but he doesn't want to do anything.

#using_animtree ("generic_human");

thread panzer_tankpath();
thread tigrinit();

tank1 = getent("panzer","targetname");
target = getent("tank_shoot","targetname");
tank1 thread maps\_tiger::kill(); If i no add this my tank no kill. I fire 8 Panzerfaust and Tank is Live.
tank1 maps\_tankgun::mginit();
tank1 setTurretTargetEnt( (target), (0, 0, 0) );
tank1 waittill("turret_on_vistarget");
target playsound ("explo_rock");


tankp = getent ("panzer","targetname");
coll = getent( "coll1", "targetname" );
coll linkto( tankp, "tag_origin");
tankpath = getVehicleNode(tankp.target,"targetname");
tankp attachpath(tankpath);
tankp startpath();

} This i set Path for my Tank and collide.

This my gsc.



#Tank sounds,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

tankdrive_treefall,,misc/treefall.wav,1.25,,0.95,1.05,2800,,voice,,,,, mapq
tiger_idle_low,,vehicles/tank_02_idle.wav,0,,0.75,,750,2500,,,,looping,, mapq
tiger_idle_high,,vehicles/tank_02_idle.wav,0.75,,1,,750,2500,,,,looping,, mapq
tiger_engine_low,,vehicles/tank_02_move.wav,0,,0.75,,2800,11000,,,,looping,, mapq
tiger_engine_high,,vehicles/tank_02_move.wav,1.25,,1,,2800,11000,,,,looping,, mapq
tiger_fire,1,weapons/flak/flak88_fire02.wav,1.25,1.25,0.9,1.1,1000,8500,,,,,,! mapq
tiger_fire,2,weapons/flak/flak88_fire03.wav,1.25,1.25,0.9,1.1,1000,8500,,,,,,! mapq
tiger_turret_spin,,vehicles/turret_spin_01.wav,1,1,,,750,3500,,,,looping,,! mapq
tiger_turret_stop,,vehicles/turret_end_01.wav,0.57,0.8,,,450,2000,,,,,,! mapq
this my sound.

edited on Oct. 4, 2021 07:02 am by RussiaGhost2021
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