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Forum: All Forums : Call of Duty 4
Category: CoD4 SP Mapping
CoD 4 mapping and level design for single player.
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Author Topic: sp_tool.exe Problems preventing AI Pathing or Reflections from Building
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Since: Mar 3, 2020
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Last: Mar 3, 2020
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Category: CoD4 SP Mapping
Posted: Tuesday, Mar. 3, 2020 02:28 pm
Hey guys, I've been running into a bug with my map that I could really use some help with. For about a day now, I've had a bug where when I try to compile my map's reflections or AI pathing, I get a prompt asking if I want to run the game in safe mode. Regardless of my answer, when I select an option, I get the usual black screen for CoD4, but it stays there for a few seconds and then it disappears. I don't get the usual white screen with the word "subtitles" at the bottom to indicate AI pathing is built, and reflections don't build at all. Something else to note is that these issues occur on every single map I compile, not just my own personal stuff. I've checked my console logs and I don't have any bad pathnodes or geometry.

My hunch is that it has something to do with the sp_tool.exe file, but I cannot determine what the exact cause is for having the safe mode prompt appear on every compile and interfering with AI pathing or reflections.
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