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Category: CoD2 SP Mapping
Call of Duty 2 single player mapping, scripting and everything single player.
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Author Topic: What comes next: "Dunkirk", custom SP map
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Category: CoD2 SP Mapping
Posted: Sunday, Aug. 26, 2018 07:03 pm
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[wave] Well hello everyone again, I hope you all enjoyed the Stonne maps I've recently released and are interested to hear what I'm up to next. With the new scripting knowledge I've acquired from SPi's help while making Stonne, I am now able to make some more interesting and dynamic maps. So what am I making for my next map? Well I'm not quite done with 1940 France as I'm excited to announce my next map: Dunkirk. I was actually inspired to make this map after watching Christopher Nolan's movie last year and was eager to start.

The map will play out similar in the style of "Stalingrad docks" in the original Call of Duty game: this mission will be simple, escape France. The map will have the player relying on friendly soldiers to guide him to the exit while also evading Stuka or artillery attacks. I hope this interests some of you as this isn't a huge long map but it will feature some complex scripting.

I've attached some images of what I've got done so far and it doesn't look like much. This is where I ask you all for some help: since Dunkirk is a big port city and I only have so much time, Belgian houses prefabs would greatly speed up the progress of this map as well as some small ferries, sailboats, and/ or yachts. If no one helps then I have a lot of work on my hands and who knows when I'll release this map. [read]

Unfortunately school starts tomorrow which means my time and focus will shift back to schoolwork and this project will sit on the backburner. I think you all know how slow I am with these projects so don't expect any major updates soon. Not sure what else to say except maybe stay tuned!

Heres to the next map! [drink]
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