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Category: CoD+UO General
General game questions, comments, and chat.
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Author Topic: some questions about addtestclient()
General Member
Since: Mar 28, 2016
Posts: 1
Last: Mar 28, 2016
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Level 0
Category: CoD+UO General
Posted: Monday, Mar. 28, 2016 05:25 am

i'm experimenting with COD1 1.4 / COD1:UO 1.51 and the Meatbot v0.2 sources. i've noticed that it's not possible to modify cvars on the test clients (i.e. references obtained via addtestclient()).

for instance the following doesn't work:

// called each time a player spawns
spawnPlayer() {
// ... some code here
self thread _TestCommands();

self endon("death");
self endon("disconnect");
self endon("spectate");

self setClientCVar("name", "RandomName" + randomInt(99));

wait 4;
while (1) {
wait 0.5;
self setClientCVar("cl_run", "0"); // ADS

the above example shows that when a client spawns in the game he is forced in "ADS" (aim down the sight) mode and is given a random name. it works for human players, but not for the bots.

is there a way to set such things for the test clients?
if you don't have the answer, do you know where i can ask the questions that i have?
(the meabot author isn't responding).

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General Member
Since: Jan 9, 2013
Posts: 1
Last: Dec 31, 2018
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Level 0
Category: CoD+UO General
Posted: Monday, Dec. 31, 2018 04:25 pm
Did you found solution? I have same problem.
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General Member
Since: Apr 8, 2007
Posts: 87
Last: Jan 4, 2019
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Level 3
Forum Moderator
Im a fan of MODSonair
Category: CoD+UO General
Posted: Friday, Jan. 4, 2019 06:44 pm
The only way I can think of is to set up some scripts where if the name is bot (random#) you can make a list of random names for it to rename the bots to. I will work on this over the weekend and see if I can come up with something.
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General Member
Since: Feb 10, 2007
Posts: 134
Last: Jan 20, 2019
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Level 4
Im a fan of MODSonair
Category: CoD+UO General
Posted: Sunday, Jan. 20, 2019 06:24 am
As far as I know it's not possible. I tried everything I could think of, but nothing worked. This limitation carried on through future CoD iterations until they actually made Bots a thing in BO1...

Given the only way it was made possible in CoD4 was to hack the executable (CoD4x ?) I think it's fairly safe to say that legitimate modification wouldn't work. The problem is that it's hard coded, not script, so there's no way in to intercept and modify it. The only thing you CAN do is turn it off and then create your own, something like this: CoD: United Offensive: Meatbot - Hurtgen

The main reason I abandoned that particular project (aside from bugs) was the limitation that any real player name had to be precached prior to the game, and since my focus was an online server this limitation became problematic.

So IMO that is the only way you're going to change the bot names...

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