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Forum: All Forums : Call of Duty 4
Category: CoD4 MP Mapping
CoD 4 mapping and level design for multiplayer.
Moderators: foyleman, Foxhound, Mystic, StrYdeR, batistablr, Welshy, DrBiggzz, supersword, playername, novemberdobby
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Author Topic: Creating a Menu file for MP (setClientDvar) -attack; +activate;
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Category: CoD4 MP Mapping
Posted: Saturday, Apr. 18, 2015 12:45 am
I've been looking for Documentation on how to create a menu file for a multiplayer map, that basically executes a command in script to -attack and +activate. It pretty much takes the button pressed of attack away/off and presses the activate/use key on the players keyboard/game.

It doesn't change anything on the clients game, it just takes them off of a turret, in a nutshell. MP doesn't have the functions to do it without using a menu file. "Apparently" The problem is, there isn't any clear tutorials on how to use a menu file in this way.

Does anyone know how I can do this?

I will paste a few code snippets that are required along with the method I started working in. I just can't seem to get it to work.

I have the menu precache in my main maps .gsc file, before any wait functions.


	game["menu_clientcmd"] = "clientcmd";

Here is the line that calls the method.


player thread execClientCommand("-attack; +activate; wait 10; -activate");

Here is the method I started working in. The method fires, but it never kicks the player off the turret. Which pretty much says that the menu file isn't working. However, I do see a mouse pointer where my crosshairs are and my minimap flickers, so I guess the menu file is working but not executing the commands I have for input.


	self setClientDvar("clientcmd", cmd);
	self openMenu(game["menu_clientcmd"]);
//	self closeMenu("menu_clientcmd");
	IPrintLn( "Vars: " + cmd);

Here is the menu file I created. No idea if I did it properly or not though. Named it: menu_clientcmd.menu
The problem is, I don't know what is supposed to be in the menu file. Some people said, this is all I need, but looking at what's in it, it makes absolutely no sense on how that can even work. Plus, I don't know what " #include "ui_mp/menudef.h " is trying to reference, because in that file, it doesn't really tell me anything. If I include it, the compiler throws an error saying it can't find the file, which makes sense because technically, it doesn't exist in that current path. So, I made a copy, put it in the path defined in the menu file, and then added it as a raw file to my zone file. lol! No idea here.


#include "ui_mp/menudef.h"

        name		"clientcmd"
        rect		0 0 1 1
        visible		0
        fullscreen	0

            exec "vstr clientcmd"; 
            close clientcmd;

Also referenced it in my zone file.



If anyone can help me figure this out. Does anyone know how to do this properly or have a tutorial I can reference that is complete. Would help out greatly. Am I missing something obvious??
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