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Author Topic: CoD Steam Guides (by SparksMcSparks)
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Category: CoDWW Offsite Links
Posted: Tuesday, Oct. 7, 2014 11:06 pm
Started writing tutorial guides to share some knowledge I have gathered over the years from modding and working professionally on CoD, they're not specific tutorials on how to like do a boarded zombie window or create a magic box, these are more high level and slightly technical.


Using Steam for centralization and I've been going back to update them when someone has questions (like I added a completely new section on overlapping nodes when someone IMed me asking after I posted the navigation tutorial).

If someone wants to copy them here that's cool, but like I said, probably better to just check them out on Steam because I may be adding / addressing / grammatically fixing things that people point out.

If anyone has ideas for tutorials let me know, something similar to stuff I've already written would be good topics. I'm thinking next few ones might be like how the A.I. animation system works, keeping your script variable counts down, tips for faster iteration, etc...

And be sure to subscribe on my Steam Guide page to get further updates within Steam itself on new guides.
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