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Author Topic: [Tutorial] Decompiling Map Entities
General Member
Since: Feb 27, 2004
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Last: Dec 29, 2016
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Level 8
Im a fan of MODSonair
Category: CoDWW Offsite Links
Posted: Friday, Jun. 6, 2014 03:10 am

Direct Link : www.alexromo.com/files/MapEntityDump.zip
^ This version I'll probably update in the future.

This is purely for educational purposes, as you can't get geo.

How It Works

It grabs all the entities, structs, and nodes in a map by script and spits them out into a .MAP that can be read by Radiant.

This does not decompile geo, nor generate script_brushmodels.

How To Use It

You'll need to be running +set developer 2, +set developer_script 1, and +set logfile 1 (or 2)

You can either just run the mod because IWD is included, or build MapEntityDump mod IWD manually.

Run any SP or Zombies map.

After a few seconds you'll see in console all the entities in the map being printed out.
NOTE: You'll be sitting at a black screen, this is intended. It stops the game from running any game mode sripts.
NOTE: Ignore any Script Runtime Errors about FX, I'll try to address this in the future.

Once it's done, go into the /mods/MapEntityDump folder and look in console.log

Search for "iwmap4" as this is where the dump starts at.
Select everything down until the end where you see the success message "Map entities saved ( see console.log for info ) "

Copy and paste this into a .MAP
You may want to do some cleanup.
Search for "dvar set cl_network_warning 0"
Replace with empty strings.

Now open the .MAP in Radiant.

What Is Modified

I just renamed calls of NewDebugHudElem() to NewHudElem() since the former isn't available in the public game.
If you run the game with the developer dvars and encounter looping Script Runtime Errors in this script, it's likely because of NewDebugHudElem() calls.

Call the dump script on every map.

Script that will grab everything and dump it into a .MAP format.

Changed file prints to write to the logfile.


This was written and tested in Call of Duty: World at War, but may work in other Call of Duty titles if you take the _dump.gsc

Triggers == 64x64x64 Brushes.
Script_Brusmodels == 32x32x32 Brushes. Default to Brown Case texture unless it's part of a specified system.

Triggers + Script_Brushmodels are temp and not reflective of actual size as you can't get that information from script side.


v1.2 (6/6/2014 3:24:07 PM): Dump Script_Brushmodels

v1.1 (6/6/2014 1:42:25 AM): Dump Action Nodes + Vehicle Nodes + Structs + Texture Triggers Appropriately

v1.0 (6/5/2014 7:55:21 PM): Dump Entities + Nodes + Triggers
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General Member
Since: Feb 27, 2004
Posts: 1713
Last: Dec 29, 2016
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Level 8
Im a fan of MODSonair
Category: CoDWW Offsite Links
Posted: Friday, Jun. 6, 2014 04:42 pm
Updated it to dump script_brushmodels now.

If you decompile nazi_zombie_factory, it'll give you a 20,000+ lines Radiant map file. [pimp]
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General Member
Since: Apr 19, 2008
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Last: Oct 27, 2014
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Level 0
Category: CoDWW Offsite Links
Posted: Monday, Oct. 27, 2014 03:33 pm
Hi SparkyMcSparks
I downloaded your COD Map Entity Dump and it works great for COD WAW , but I cant get it to work for COD4?

The info. in the readme is not clear to me. Something about the _dump.gsc? I would like to get this program working for COD4. I hope you can make a tut.
this is good for educational purposes.
You have been a great help to the mapping community and im glad your working for Infinity Ward.

Thank you for your time and keep on mapping!
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