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Category: CoD2 Map + Mod Releases
Release announcements of custom maps and mods and other content related to Call of Duty 2.
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Author Topic: [COD2 imagination] Call of Duty 2 MAP CONTEST [PRIZES TO BE WON]] [EPIC ]]]
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Since: May 30, 2014
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Last: Jun 7, 2014
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Category: CoD2 Map + Mod Releases
Posted: Saturday, May. 31, 2014 11:06 am
Calling all CoD2 & CoD4 nerds & pro's (mappers,etc).
There's a CoD2 and CoD4 maps competitions over the next couple of months, and the maker of the best maps get prizes and more.

Hello folks,

What is happening?:
- You are to create something special, a map that will last forever. A map that is beautiful.

Call of Duty 2:
- I personally think the map CoD2 Commando 1.1 and CoD2 Operation Weserübung are beautiful maps.
COD2 BEAUTIFUL MAP:: http://nadfserver.org/map/commando-call-of-duty-2-cod2

I really think that some maps give off this beautiful feeling, the map is something special and is like no other. Its a map that really is great, and is just something special, the feeling the map gives you, the whole way the map is. the map itself, its like a living thing, so get ready and get be stunned by what the map makers can do..

What to do?:
- Get a good nights sleep, take fish oil ,eat a massive breakfast and have loads of coffee !!!
[+] -> Come up with concepts,ideas,etc. (first plan your map). also, maybe even base it on a real place if that helps you (in general plan it out first). also, make a map that LOOKS and FEELS beautiful.

- I will have in real life prizes, if you want it sent in real life and over the internet prizes too !!!
ALSO, focus on making the map. MAKE IT one of these maps THAT YOU CHOOSE THE NAME AND ADD YOUR CREDITS, and forever every CoD player will remember you and your map, because the map is so god awesome.
Like the commando map posted above !!!!.

Can't wait, this will be great.

The competition ends in a couple of months, and extended months can be added for map makers that are still working hard on their map.

1. Plan your map(s), concepts,etc.
2. Get what you need to make the maps, etc.
3. Create your map(s)
4. Upload and share your maps (on all the cod2/cod4 sites such as modsonline,codulitlty,etc).

Remember, these maps will be KNOWN because they will be something special, a magical map. A map that players will always love and play. a map that gives you the feeling, there's only a couple of cod2 and cod4 maps that do that, make a map that does that.

Have you ever watched Make love not warcraft from south park?, think of it like that, except we're making cod2 and cod4 maps. the best maps...
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Category: CoD2 Map + Mod Releases
Posted: Saturday, May. 31, 2014 10:44 pm
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Im a fan of MODSonair
Category: CoD2 Map + Mod Releases
Posted: Friday, Jun. 6, 2014 07:36 am
If you offer a competition with prizes you should really list the prize(s) for the people contending to know what they might win. Including the authors name isn't a prize, its almost mandatory for someone to 'sign' the map in some way, unless they remove there own right to show credit via some sort of agreement.
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