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Category: CoDUO Mapping
CoD United Offensive mapping and level design.
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Author Topic: FX direction?
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Level 4
Category: CoDUO Mapping
Posted: Thursday, Feb. 13, 2014 04:48 pm
The map I'm making has some Heinkels fly over and drop bombs on the map
Everything works fine I'm just trying to make it look a bit cooler by having some of the windows get blown out of one of the buildings that gets hit by a bomb
I am using fx/map_kharkov2/building2_glass.efx as the FX and I knew when using script_exploder like in this tutorial you could link the script_model where the FX spawns to a script_origin for the FX to follow that direction, so I tried doing that and it didn't work for what I'm trying to do (spawn the FX and everything else in a .gsc)
Instead of going outwards it goes vertically upwards like this

Is there a way I can make the FX go in a certain direction?

Also something different:
Why does this texture do this?

Here it is in Graydient

The texture is normandy/walls/brick_clampy@dmg1
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