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Forum: All Forums : Call of Duty 2
Category: CoD2 Map + Mod Releases
Release announcements of custom maps and mods and other content related to Call of Duty 2.
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Author Topic: eXtreme+ v2.9 Released
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Category: CoD2 Map + Mod Releases
Posted: Thursday, Feb. 6, 2014 06:06 pm
I am pleased to announce the release of eXtreme+ COD2: version 2.9


Added: option to set delay for ready-up simple mode aka GTSDelay (gametypes.cfg).
Added: "play next" and "skip next" options to in-game RCON Map Control.
Added: option to ignore spectators for map vote filtering.
Added: option to define weapon modes in map list _ex_votemaps.gsc, so you can set and vote for specific weapon modes on a per-map basis.
Added: monkey bomb perk (specials.cfg).
Added: quadrotor perk (specials.cfg).
Added: UAV radar perk (specials.cfg).
Added: supernade perk (specials.cfg).
Added: surface penetrating bullets perk ("wallfire"; specials.cfg).
Added: security camera perk (specials.cfg).
Added: knife perk (specials.cfg).
Added: spectate when dead global setting (ex_spectatedead; serversettings.cfg).
Added: option to show a global "perk unlocked" shader instead of individual perk shaders (gametypes.cfg).
Added: option to disable zoom level HUD element (weaponcontrol.cfg, ex_zoom_hud).
Added: option to show landmines warnings on friendlies only (weaponcontrol.cfg, ex_landmine_warning).
Added: option to disable spawn protection "above compass" messages (monitoring.cfg, ex_protection_msg).
Added: unscoped springfield bolt rifle.
Added: Russian DP28 MG (missing proper reload animation).
Added: Panzerfaust for rocket launcher class (missing proper reload animation).
Added: option to set auto-balance check interval (serversettings.cfg).
Added: can set from 0 to 10 welcome messages (miscfeatures.cfg).
Added: barbed wire optional mod (to prevent UGV from driving through road blocks).
Added: loading bar optional mod (five pre-made colors, or use it to make your own loading bar).
Added: missing xmodels optional mod (providing dummy xmodels for missing xmodels in some maps).
Added: option to show danger warning (skull HUD) for hot beartraps.
Added: option to avoid weapons drop near spawn points to avoid pickip when commencing sprint (weaponcontrol.cfg).
Added: option to avoid defusal of landmines and tripwires (weaponcontrol.cfg).
Added: option to speed up WMD deployment by skipping the initial sounds (ranksystem.cfg).
Added: a couple of empty dx7 techniquesets to fix missing techniqueset errors in log.
Added: menu response code will check if selected weapon belongs to correct team (to deflect weapon selection binds).
Added: configuration of hidden Persona Non Grata feature now exposed in cfg (security.cfg).
Added: weapons class 8 (rocket launcher) now has dedicated menu for panzerfaust and panzerscreck only.
Added: new set of optimized, newly rigged modern weapons.
Added: weapons class 8 (rocket launcher) and class 10 (knife) to modern weapons.
Added: new knife model for modern weapons.
Added: in-game RCON Map Control options to extend time time, score limit or round limit.
Added: mode 3 for turrets, keeping stock turrets fixed, while allowing planting and detaching mobile MG's (weaponcontrol.cfg).
Added: block comment capability to DRM (/* ... */).
Added: cvar controller (_ex_cvarcontroller.gsc) to manage distribution of cvars (_ex_forcedvar.gsc incorporated into cvar controller).
Added: hud controller (_ex_hudcontroller.gsc) to handle all HUD element requests (level, team and player).
Added: advanced feature: configuration profiles (cvar controled; included in rcon server settings).
Originally a developer-only feature, but left in to share (server.cfg).
Added: option to set naming convention for memory files (miscfeatures.cfg).
Added: animated binoculars crosshair when selecting target for rank WMD or CAM perk (miscfeatures.cfg).
Added: command monitor will be enabled automatically if rcon is enabled in client mode.
Added: new rotor effects for helicopter (main and tail rotors).
Added: optional dust fx for helicopter (specials.cfg).
Added: optional spinning flag base marker (gametypes.cfg).
Added: best-of mode for round based game types (gametypes.cfg).
Added: clan logo system can display up to 5 images (requires editing of _ex_mylogo.gsc).
Added: kill confirmed dogtags in DM-style game type only visible for attacker and victim.
Added: medic auto-callout only done when not able to heal yourself, or when health kits depleted.
Added: generic winner announcement for all team based game types.
Added: disable spectator music in screenshot mode (was still showing HUD element).
Added: option to (dis)allow releasing teammates from beartraps.
Added: HM will respect friendlyfire setting between guards and commander.
Added: option to exclude last game type played from game type voting screen (mapcontrol.cfg).
Added: skill based auto-balancing (ex_statstotal feature; miscfeatures.cfg).
Added: kills per minute and/or score per minute debug HUD (ex_statstotal feature; miscfeatures.cfg).
Added: VIP modern pistols (not using classic pistols if modern weapons enabled on VIP).
Added: LODs (Level of Detail) for all weapons on back xmodels, so less or no rendering required on large distances.
Added: in DM based game types the perk's team_maxbuy and team_maxact will be doubled and checked against.
Added: option to define custom flag positions for HTF (maps\mp\gametypes\_mapsetup_htf.gsc).
Added: options to link heavy flag, mg and panzer to rank (playercontrol.cfg).
Added: ability to throw back frag nades, fire nades, gas nades, and satchel charges (weaponcontrol.cfg).
Added: option to drop first aid kits without animation (healthcontrol.cfg; ex_firstaid_drop).
Added: overtime for CTF, CTFB and TDM (ex_overtime; gametypes.cfg).
Added: halftime team swap for CTF, CTFB and TDM (ex_swapteams; gametypes.cfg).
Added: option to allow passing monkey bomb perk if prone or crouch (specials.cfg).
Added: bonus mode for kill confirmed points distribution (gametypes.cfg).


Changed: eventcontroller now fully implemented.
Changed: new napalm effects (reducing scene entities and lag; and it looks nicer).
Changed: optimized perk procedures to make adding and maintaining perks easier.
Changed: perks removed on map ending via registered removal procedure.
Changed: weapons array reorganized and optimized for look-up efficiency.
Changed: added 5 more slots to perks menu to accomodate new perks (max 20).
Changed: modified ex_arcade_shaders var for more granular control (gametypes.cfg).
Changed: separated arcade score and arcade shader logic (gametypes.cfg; renamed ex_arcade vars to ex_arcade_score vars for clarity).
Changed: renamed ex_arcade_shaders_special to ex_arcade_shaders_extra (gametypes.cfg).
Changed: kill icon (for stock obituary) for all perks changed from skull to dog tags.
Changed: recoded knife handling; optional gravity (weaponcontrol.cfg, ex_wepo_knife_gravity).
Changed: weapon menu unification and clean-up. Now it's much easier to change or add weapons.
Changed: re-organization of main weapon variables in weaponcontrol.cfg.
Changed: replaced "boxed player" gunship model with old one. Now ignoring all radius damage in gunship instead.
Changed: no new gunship assigned if killing from within gunship in mode 1 or 3 (kill spree or kill ladder).
Changed: ordered defcon modes the right way (4 = normal, 3 = elevated, 2 = high, 1 = maximum). Translators be aware: swap DEFCON strings in misc.str!
Changed: easier to mount flak. Trigger radius can be set in specials.cfg (ex_flak_mount_radius).
Changed: moved fall damage modifiers from miscfeatures.cfg to healthcontrol.cfg.
Changed: while parachuting, if parachute protection is OFF, the spawn protection counter will start immediately.
Changed: if flak perk is free of charge, points will go to gunner instead of owner.
Changed: danger warning for landmines changed to skull HUD (consistent with trips and beartraps now).
Changed: tripwire 5 seconds activation time only active if trip is lethal to owner.
Changed: game["headicon_axis"] to game["hudicon_axis"] for several HUD elements for consistent size after applying "headicons" optional mod.
Changed: recoded in-game RCON Weapon Control to make sure you can't enable weapons that have not been precached.
Changed: moved Crybaby and Sinbin code to _ex_punishment.gsc (doCrybaby and doSinbin).
Changed: moved Battlechatter code to _ex_utils.gsc (playBattleChat).
Changed: moved Rotate on Empty code to _ex_maprotation.
Changed: moved spectator music handler to _ex_clientcontrol.gsc (spectatorMusicMonitor).
Changed: moved LMS literal strings to localized string file lms.str.
Changed: renamed scriptdata\_ex_clanlogo.gsc to _ex_clantext.gsc.
Changed: simplified callvote management and messaging (serversettings.cfg).
Changed: weather effects will be disabled if perks are enabled (preventing effect overflow).
Changed: simplified flamethrower effects (to cut down on precached effects).
Changed: simplified ambient flak effect (to cut down on precached effects).
Changed: recoded eXtreme Call Vote for maps (ex_ingame_vote_allow_map). Now needs half of the cvars.
Changed: loop time for forced cvars configurable (ex_forceclientcvars_loop), and default changed from 5 seconds to 60 seconds.
Changed: moved hitblip variables from miscfeatures.cfg to playercontrol.cfg (realism options; ex_hitblip and ex_hitsound).
Changed: dupname and Unknown Soldier handling code moved from _ex_main.gsc to _ex_namecheck.gsc.
Changed: moved player model initialization and assignment to new maps\mp\gametypes\_models.gsc (better override control).
Changed: LIB now uses roundlimit instead of scorelimit, like all other round based game types (fits best-of feature).
Changed: clan logo screen alignment to right-top (prevent streching). posx and posy now handled differently (miscfeatures.cfg).
Changed: all HUD elements are converted to use the hud controller.
Changed: moved WMD binoc hint and sprint hint to the hud announce system (top middle screen).
Changed: separated health bar, health regen and medic system in healthcontrol.cfg.
Changed: default setting for weapons on back changed to OFF (playercontrol.cfg).
Changed: first aid kits will be dropped using a simple popObject() instead of the expensive bounceObject().
Changed: allow VIP to be forced to spectators (command monitor or ingame rcon).
Changed: Gewehr 43 (rifle, sniper and LR) was underpowered; now matches other rifles.
Changed: perk assignment keys changed to "1234567890hijklmnopu" to avoid default key bindings.
Changed: allow 0 first aid kits if assigned through rank system.
Changed: score registration for players and teams is now handled by functions in extreme\_ex_gtcommon.gsc.
Changed: redirection game type scripts in IWD for redirection into real ones. Fixes game type description issue.
-> tdm.gsc -> _gtcontroller.gsc -> _ex_tdm.gsc


Fixed: map vote strict mode not filtering out small maps.
Fixed: ticking sound in stealth loop sound removed.
Fixed: auto-balancing player in gunship (regular or perk).
Fixed: runtime error in log when buying maxammo perk if rank system disabled.
Fixed: recoded perks initialization. It misbehaved in round based game types using map_restart().
Fixed: winning map thumbnail now stays during weapon mode voting stage.
Fixed: clan login skipping auto-assign bridging.
Fixed: ending music not always playing in statsboard or map vote system.
Fixed: kill denied bonus not given if ex_kc_denied (forced) set to mode 2.
Fixed: moving an action panel-enabled perk does not lock the perk.
Fixed: gunship runtime errors when using ready-up.
Fixed: flag returning to base in CTFB on certain maps (due to removed flag returner entity).
Fixed: fire nades, gas nades and satchel charges in trips are now placed on ground correctly.
Fixed: switching rotation stacker string if game type of last map in current rotation string execs a scripted map_restart (e.g. ready-up or subsequent rounds).
Fixed: retreatMonitor script errors when ready-up enabled.
Fixed: gunship perk advertisement runtime error (game["specials_stock8"] undefined).


Removed: maxAmmo optional mod and setting (too much work to maintain).
Removed: _ex_forcedvar.gsc, _ex_serverinfo.gsc (replaced by _ex_cvarcontroller.gsc).
Removed: _ex_crybaby.gsc, _ex_battlechatter.gsc, _ex_rotate.gsc, _ex_sinbin.gsc.
Removed: compass changer feature (_ex_compass.gsc, related materials and images).
Removed: camper fart punishment (to cut down on precached effects).
Removed: puke effect for gas nades (to cut down on precached effects).
Removed: bullet holes staying until death; to save HUD elements, bullet holes will always fade now.
Removed: double clocks (main and round).
Removed: kill triggers warnings and (undocumented) kill trigger warp feature (security.cfg).
Removed: team score for conquering a neutral ammo crate (weaponcontrol.cfg).
Removed: game type description fix optional mod (obsolete).

Hope you all enjoy it!


For download links and more information, please visit www.patmansan.com
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