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Category: Hardware Help
Questions and answers about gaming hardware be it PC, handheld or console.
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Author Topic: Processing power?
General Member
Since: Aug 25, 2008
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Last: Oct 17, 2016
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Level 3
Category: Hardware Help
Posted: Thursday, Jun. 27, 2013 05:52 pm
I was wondering about getting a new PC, and to get a new i will be building it myself, and i have a question about processors.

1. If a programme that runs on my PC uses 1ghz of processing power and 1gb of ram, does this mean if i wanted to run 5 instances of this programme, i would require 5ghz of processing power and 5gbof ram? (thoertically ofcourse)

2. Also what would be a better processor out of a single 4ghz processor, duel core 2ghz processor or a quad 1ghz, or are they all the same?
(as up till now i've been multiplying the amount of ghz power per core to see the total process8ng power, is this right?)

As i have a programme which i can run 3 instances of on a duel 1.6ghz processing pc, so could i run 12 instances on quad 1.6ghz PC?

Please answer as i really want to get this cleared up as it is quite confusing for me!![confused]

Thanks kn advance guys
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General Member
Since: Oct 26, 2006
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Last: Jul 3, 2017
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Level 8
Category: Hardware Help
Posted: Friday, Jun. 28, 2013 03:14 pm
You can't compare processors solely by their clock rate, a newer 2GHz CPU will outperform an older 2GHz CPU.

1. CPU speed does not limit how many instances of the program can be running at once, that's mainly limited by RAM.

2. If the 3 CPU configurations are all the same generation/architecture, just running at different clock rates and cores disabled then it will depend on the program. If the program is designed to use as many cores as possible then there won't be much difference between the 3 configs (unless there is a bottleneck somewhere). If the program can only use 1 core then it will perform best with the single 4GHz CPU.

Multiplying the speed by the core count will kind of give the total processing power of a CPU (again, you can only compare CPUs of the same generation with this method), but the question is can these programs use all this power? If a program can use 2 cores, where each core is going to use 75% of the memory bandwidth up then you're going to end up with a bottleneck and you won't be seeing the full power of those 2 cores.

You can still run 12 instances of your program on a dual 1.6GHz CPU, but each core will be sharing its power between 6 instances. With a quad each core will share its power over 3 instances which will probably speed things up. However if you don't have enough RAM things are going to go rather slow.

Main things:
You can't compare CPUs only by their clock rate and core count.
Will more cores make my program faster? Depends on how the program is made.
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