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Category: CoD4 MP Mapping
CoD 4 mapping and level design for multiplayer.
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Author Topic: Custom Weapon
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Since: Jul 7, 2012
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Category: CoD4 MP Mapping
Posted: Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2012 01:23 pm
I wanted to use a custom weapon in my map and i need help.

I downloaded a BlackOps weapon from www.cfgfactory.com
This was a .rar, which included all the rawfiles (xmodel,materials,images,WEAPONFILE etc.)

So this was what i did.

1) Merged the raw files with my raw folder.
2) Since the weapon files were given in the folder WEAPONFILE, i took them and put them in raw/weapons/mp/
3) Added all the given images file into my map's .iwd
4) Updated my .csv (There was a .txt file that had everything that was needed to be added)
5) Finally, i made a trigger use in map with the following script.

thread test1();

trig = getent("test1_trig","targetname")
trig waittill ("trigger", user);
user GiveWeapon("_bo_l96_vz_mp");
user SwitchToWeapon("_bo_l96_vz_mp");

My map loaded fine, but the problem was that my weapon swaps to the "default weapon".

So i have some questions.

a) I didn't really follow any tuts, so is my process in using a custom weapon for my map right?
b) What did i do wrong, and how do i fix the error?

If you would like to see anything, please feel free to ask.
Any sort of help is appreciated.

Thanking you in advanced,
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