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Author Topic: Quake 3 level design competition
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Category: In The News
Posted: Thursday, Jun. 14, 2012 11:59 am

For the fourth time, MaverickServers is hosting a Quake 3 level design competition. Mappers from the community are encouraged to participate; veteran mappers and those looking to get into mapping are welcome to join in on the fun.
Prizes will be awarded to the best maps. Sapphire, Wacom, and Kot-in-Action are already sponsoring and there are more to come.
The contest will start on June 2nd and run for 10 weeks until August 11th. Judging will occur for 1 week after. Registration deadline is on June 23rd. Be sure you also check out the maptrailer!


   * The map should be able to hold at least 8 players suitable for 4v4
     TDM/CTF or 8 players FFA or be a 1v1 map (although 1v1/tournament
     maps will be held to the same quality levels as more complex
     TDM/CTF maps)
   * Doesn't necessarily have to support a specific gametype or mod,
     but you are welcome to specify one
   * Map must be previously unreleased and a new design. Please no map
     remakes or edits.
   * Full rule listing at the main competition website


   * Will be done by a panel of experienced players and mappers
   * Scored primarily on gameplay/design and also on overall looks,
     creativity, and layout

Registration can be done here: http://mapping.maverickservers.com/

You can also find us in #maverickservers on quakenet.

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