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Category: CoDUO Mapping
CoD United Offensive mapping and level design.
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Author Topic: Corpses cause lag/disppearing weapon pick ups.
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Category: CoDUO Mapping
Posted: Thursday, Sep. 22, 2011 01:52 pm
Yes. Recently I have finished a map for the 35th-ID clan, but there's some problems with it. Apparently, when there are a lot of corpses lying around the map, it lags badly, at first I was expecting this to be my portals but then they said people's pings went to 999, or just went really high like 500. Surely this isn't portal issues, right?

Also, there's a couple weapon pick ups in the map which just disappear after some time. You can still pick them up they're just invisible. This happened before when there was a lot of weapon pick ups, with set developer 1, it said something like, uhh... dunno exactly what it said but something about entities being reduced from 270 to 246 (something like that) and I presumed that was what was making the weapons disappear, so I deleted a load of other weapon pick ups around the map and they worked fine, but they've told me that after a while they disappear again.

Any ideas gang?
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