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Category: CoD2 General
General game questions, comments, and chat.
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Author Topic: Sound Balance Problem
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Since: Mar 17, 2009
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Last: Apr 13, 2011
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Category: CoD2 General
Posted: Wednesday, Apr. 13, 2011 05:02 pm
Hey Guys,

Just wondering if anyone has ever come across an issue with their sound and its balance before.

Ill explain further. When you throw a grenade to the East when you are facing North, your right speaker on your headphone is louder and the left is much quieter, indicating the grenade exploded on the left. This is what I call balance.

My issue is that when i throw a grenade to the east when facing north, its as if the grenade has exploded on my origin.

Another example of this is, when my mate shoots at british spawn on any map and i go to german spawn, i can hear the sound of his gun as if he was infront of me.

Im not sure where this has come from, one day it was working fine, the next it wasnt.

I feel i need to add, im not working on any mod, there are no mods in my main folder/outside the main (deleted them all) and my headset has correct balance on the desktop. When i play cod2, my balance dissapears. Any ideas please?

Cheers [rolleyes][thumbs_up]
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