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Category: CoDUO Mapping
CoD United Offensive mapping and level design.
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Author Topic: Common textures, what do they all do...
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Category: CoDUO Mapping
Posted: Sunday, Jul. 17, 2005 03:10 am
This lists all the common textures in CoD and what they do. If there are more commons in Graydiant please let me know, since I haven't (yet?) installed Graydiant.It's not complete yet, so if you've got something to add, please feel free to PM it to me and I'll add it. Do NOT post comments like "good job" in the tread please.

Thanks to Tank, the person who originally started this a long time ago, and thanks to whoever replied to his post back then. And thanks to qrz.

edit: Thanks to techno2sl for a link to some texture descriptions.
edit: Thanks to Filbert for the Clipfull description.

- AI NP: AI No pass. Blocks AI from passing
- AI NP XL: Same as AI NP, but extra large?
- AI NO SIGHT: Blocks AI view.
- AI Trigger: Used to trigger friendly AI.
- Area Portal: Not sure. (Not used in CoD?)
- Blackish: I've used this for things like a train tunnel that the player can see into but can't access.
- Blank: default texture...or no texture to be precise...not recommended to use.
- case: All these numbers are number of the pixels. Used for texture fixing when you don't have an actual texture for the brush yet.
- case1024:
- case1024x128:
- case1024x512:
- case256:
- case256x1024:
- case512:
- case512x1024:
- Caulk: Use this to make your levels. Think of it as your wall, and the textures as paint.
- Clip: Makes objects solid. Used for the model collmaps
- Clip_item: Clips items. Everything can pass but items
- Clip_metal : Same as clip but it gives a metal sound when you walk over it.
- Clip_nosight: Not sure but I think it's invisible, but not see-through.
- Clip_nosight_dirt: Same as clip_nosight but it gives a dirt sound when you walk over it.
- Clip_nosight_metal : Same as clip_nosight but it gives a metal sound when you walk over it.
- Clip_nosight_nothing: Same as clip_nosight .. wait, what??
- clip_nosight_novehicle: Same as clip_nosight but it has no effect on vehicles.
- Clip_nosight_rock: Rock-and-roll! Same as clip_nosight but its gives a rock sound when you walk over it.
- Clip_wood: Same as clip but it gives a wood sound when you walk over it.
- Clip_foliage: Same as clip, but with a brushes sound as you walk over it
- Clipfull : Clipfull is the same as Clip but if you shoot it your bullets disappear, grenades disappear when they hit it, and ai can't see you through it.
- Clipmissile: Blocks missiles and grenades from passing, Players can't pass either.
- Clipmonster: Same as clip but it has only effect on AI. Used for SP.
- Clipplayer: Same as clip but it has only effect on the player. Used for SP.
- Clipshot: Clips shots. Only used for SP?
- Clipweap: Same as clip but it clips all bullets.
- Clipweap_glass: Clip texture which makes a breaking glass sound when shot
- Clusterportal: Not used in CoD.
- cushion: Breaks your fall
- gridblock: ?
- hint: Not used in CoD
- hood: ?
- hood_trans: ?
- ladder: A ladder, use at a ladder to actually be able to climb it. Doesn't need to be at a ladder,
you can also climb thin air :D
- ladder_wood: Same as ladder but it gives a wood sound when you climb it.
- nodraw: Construction primitive that turns solid when textured
- nodraw_decal : Same as nodraw but used for decals (blastmarks and such)..
- nodraw_nosolid: ?
- nodrawnonsolid: ?
- nodrop: ?
- nosight_noclip: You can't see through this texture, but you can walk through it
- occluder: can be used to block leaking light
- origin: Used for several things. Mostly for gametypes, moving stuff and all. It's something used for scripting.
- Portal : Splits your map into pieces, so that it won't render the whole map. Makes your fps
higher. Use in combination with the portalNoDraw texture
- portalcaulk: Not used in CoD
- portalnodraw: Use this on the 5 remaining sides of your portal
- return_ai_trigger: ?
- return_spawner_trigger: ?
- shadowcast: Casts shadow. Used to gives brushes like script_brushmodels a shadow, as they
do not make a shadow themself.
- skip: Not used in CoD.
- spawner_trigger: ?
- terrain: Just something that you can texture so you know what your terrain is.
- terrain2: Same as terrain, but another, so you can distinquish different terraintypes.
- trigger: Used for A LOT stuff. . Opening doors, triggering effects, spawning AI..
- vehicle_clip: Same as clip but it only effects vehicles.
- water: Used for water. Texture 5 sides of your brush with this texture and the top face with a /sfx texture.
- water_clip: Same as water but you won't sink you;ll stay on top.

edited on Jul. 19, 2005 06:10 pm by The_Caretaker

edited on Dec. 4, 2005 10:47 am by The_Caretaker

edited on Aug. 20, 2006 01:22 am by The_Caretaker
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