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General chat about gaming and such.
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Author Topic: Black Ops is Steam??
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Category: General Gaming
Posted: Wednesday, Nov. 10, 2010 09:00 am
I'm also getting massive fps drops and at some points complete freezes in multiplayer. Although to be fair I'm still kinda enjoying it. There are some things that are annoying me already, but I like the game enough to keep playing.

The singleplayer is OK and does have some pretty awesome moments in it. Also for whatever reason the games soundtrack is insanely loud, thus drowning out most of the in-game sound. I think this one has finally helped me decided that shooting a thousand people then moving on to the next area just to shoot another thousand people gets boring pretty quickly. I've only been playing it for 3.5 hours and I've almost finished it.

Dev tools (If they actually release some) will probably be found under the tools tab in steam. You would just click tools then double click CoD Black ops sdk or whatever. Alternatively they will just release them as a separate exe. I have world at war on steam and the tools work perfectly fine for me, it's just a slightly different location for some things.
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Category: General Gaming
Posted: Wednesday, Nov. 10, 2010 10:28 am
Server browser remains empty with 80+K players online, and 8+K servers. Only one time today did the browser display servers. Still can't play zombies. Getting bored with only being able to play against bots.....
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Category: General Gaming
Posted: Wednesday, Nov. 10, 2010 12:17 pm
Last night the lag was almost gone for me. A huge improvement over the day before. Still had its moments.

If you head over to 'bashandslash' there is an article there about the lag. Apparently it is server side and todo with the PC servers config.
Issue is with the sv_maxrate, currently on all servers it is set to 5000 (because of consoles I would assume) it should be set to around 25000 for PC.

Therefore most pc users are finding a poor online expierience.

I have been on with gameservers all day and their tech team.

We tested the different rate on our server as a fix (via the tech team) and guess what, absolutely perfect.

Our server has actually just been changed back, of course they can't edit the servers, They have submitted a request to whitelist the command sv_maxrate for all users to activision to be able to edit to what they desire. (They didn't want to set all servers to it by default because they believe people will have bandwidth issues).

Just so you know they have limited results in the in game server browser to a few hundred servers to stop it overloading. Leaving most people unable to find their own servers!

Also don't know if you know yet but there it no connect/reconnect and similar commands in the game and the addfavourite command does not work.

Hope this is useful and details enough :)

Be nice if this is all that is required. I think the high CPU usage maybe todo with the Theatre. Just a hunch, as it is recording I think all the time.
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