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Forum: All Forums : DOOM III
Category: DOOM III Map + Mod Releases
Release announcements of custom maps and other content related to DOOM III.
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Author Topic: upcomming Dark Mod mission(s) based on AD&D & Star Frontier maps
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Category: DOOM III Map + Mod Releases
Posted: Thursday, May. 20, 2010 03:12 pm
I've been working on a few maps for a mission(or missions)
for The Dark Mod. They are based on some old D&D, & Star Frontier maps. plus The Giza Pyramids
TDM is a stealth based Thief style game. Where as most of the
maps I have are not. (yet)
Depending on if I can get it to remember your inventory between maps.
It may be one big mission. If not, then a few small ones.
Still trying to figure out how to alter the gravity in a map. Right now I'm using TDM's func_liquid entity to emulate the weightlessness of space.
But it still acts like water. lol

posted a few vids of what I have so far on youtube.

here are the addys:

White Plume Mountain


Lolth's Spider Ship


The Demonweb & 2 Star Frontiers Ships


The Sathar Mothership from Star Frontiers


The Giza Pyramids [3.0]


The Giza Pyramids [2.0]

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