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Category: CoDWW Map + Mod Releases
Release announcements of custom maps and mods and other content related to Call of Duty: World at War.
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Author Topic: The Rising 1.4 - Update (!)
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Since: Oct 17, 2007
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Last: Sep 7, 2010
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Category: CoDWW Map + Mod Releases
Posted: Saturday, Jan. 23, 2010 05:42 am
'The Rising' v1.4

  1. Added - Prefabs for perk machines
  2. Added - Dynamic secondary weapon swapping. This allows players to swap through their inventory weapon (i.e. bazooka and mortar round) to one that is stored in secondary storage, without taking the old weapon the player had. Press B-4-4 if you have any weapon(s) stored in the secondary storage to swap.
  3. Added - HUD element to show players when their ammo is refilled. It shows an image and also "Your ammo has been refilled!"
  4. Added - Powerups dropped from zombies (can be turned on/off in rising.cfg)
  5. Added - Hardcore mode settings (more damage to zombies, no HUD, and no health regen or regen by killing zombies)
  6. Added - Health regeneration time can now be changed in rising.cfg
  7. Added - Health regeneration now be turned off/on in rising.cfg
  8. Changed - Players can only buy items from the commander box if they have less than the max amount that can be held (i.e. hold up to 3 artillery strikes)
  9. Changed - Scout bomb earthquake size and impact reduced to try and avoid FPS loss
  10. Fixed - Players can no longer buy revive perk more than once (if their health is already full, etc.)
  11. Fixed - "Build Mode: On/Off" now shows up
  12. Fixed - Amount of scout bombs are now correctly displayed
  13. Fixed - Artillery strikes are no longer taken away if a player tried to use one while another one was in progress
  14. Fixed - Commander crate would correctly gives sticky grenades to players when bought (now also replaces frag grenades if you buy them)
  15. Fixed - Players can no longer buy things from commander crate over and over (there's a limit of 2-3 per item)
  16. Fixed - Scout bombs are now correctly given at the end of a round
  17. Fixed - Class menu now closes correctly after clicking on "Side Support"
  18. Fixed - "Infantry" is now spelled correctly on the class selection menu
  19. Fixed - Artillery can now be used at rank 60 (not tested in MP)
  20. Fixed - Last Stand map - mp_last_stand - no longer crashes (Download Fix Here)
  21. Fixed - Map rotation typo has been fixed
  22. Fixed - Ammo boxes no longer cause the G_Spawn error


We are proud to announce the official release of The Rising Mod!
After months and months of intense scripting and testing while in Beta, the mod has finally turned Gold for release.

The Rising' is a Mod based on Tryarch's built-in Zombie Co-Op / Survival Mode for the game Call of Duty - World at War, released in November, 2008.

However, instead of having a maximum of only 4 players as seen in the Co-Op Modes of the game, 'The Rising' Mod was constructed around the Multiplayer aspect of the game, allowing up to 20 players at one time, fending off hordes of zombies.

Includes a total new class system , that balances the teamplay for sure. Repair vending machines and supply your mates with ammo while they defend you and your team mates from incoming waves of zombies.

Play as a Support , Commander, Medic or any of the other eight classes and try to forfill your duty in the zombie massscre!


Xfire community :

edited on Jan. 23, 2010 07:42 am by xholyx
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