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Mohaa maps on Cod2?
CoD2 MP Mapping



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Forum: All Forums : Call of Duty 2
Category: CoD2 MP Mapping
CoD 2 mapping and level design.
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Author Topic: Play Music at start of map request
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Since: May 6, 2008
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Last: Jul 13, 2011
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Category: CoD2 MP Mapping
Posted: Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2009 07:37 pm
I can handle ambient and triggered sounds, but how can I get a sound to play at the beginning (or end) of the map.

I have seen server mods that allow this but not specific maps.

Anyone know how to do this?
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Since: Aug 24, 2006
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Category: CoD2 MP Mapping
Posted: Wednesday, Dec. 2, 2009 07:13 am
It depends exactly how you want to do it. Do you want it to play when the client connects so that they only hear it? If so, try something like this (Not tested).

	thread onClientConnect();

		level waittill("connected", client);
		client thread playMusic();

	wait 1; // Wait a second to be sure they are ready.
	client playLocalSound("myMusic"); //Change to your sound alias
nullFew tips for coding.
1. Keep the script as short as possible.
2. Don't comment every line. Only comment portions where they may be needed to point something out.
3. Don't over complicate the script, keep it organized and easy to read.

These help you find simple errors and makes it easy to make changes.
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