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Category: General Gaming
General chat about gaming and such.
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Author Topic: Gaming keyboard customization utility
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Category: General Gaming
Posted: Sunday, Sep. 13, 2009 02:29 am
Theres an application called saac which is very useful when it comes to using game pads with games that do not support them in any way (had a right laugh in cod1 mp with a ps2 controller) All its doing is saying, when I press this key on the game pad (say x) then consider that a press of this keyboard button or mouse button/movement. So you assign x on the gamepad to left mouse, now when you press x in cod you fire ur weapon, and so on.

What I'm looking for, considering trying to create if it doesn't exist, is something simular, but with a slightly different intention.

I would like to find/create an app that allows you to assign one keyboard key to another with certain important parameters.


In R6 Vegas you can get the weapon customization menu by holding the r key down for about a second. Clever stuff because you normally use r to reload which you don't hold to achieve, an you stlll do but now the key has 2 functions which means less reaching for awkward keys.

Now take crysis, I have run out of reachable keys, If I had an app that said, for example..

If the "r" key is "held" down for "1" (ie 1 second) then consider this a "press" of "]"

Now in the game I assign the "]" key to the weapon customization menu and there you go, I've cut out a key and now by holding my reload key I get my weapon customization menu.

Example 2.

Using another app (such as sharpkeys) to reassign the ACTUAL value of the "left_win" key, I reassigned it to "p". So if I'm in a text doc n hit "left_win" it just types "p"

Great, now in a game I want left win for say, sprint. So go ingame, go to customize control, select sprint, hit "left_win" and in the assigned control box it shows "p" Now I can sprint using "left_win"
A great extra reachable key!

But! some games will still recognise the "left_win" key as exactly that. So hardcoded into the game is something to say, do not allow the "left_win" key to be assigned. Despite its function now being "p" the game still recognised that physical key. If you assign the control as "p" in the customization menu of the game, still wont work cos you just can press the actual "left_win" key in the game, it ignore its.

So, work around. You assign the "left_win" key to p using sharpkeys (hopefully would work it into my app to keep it simple) This is just so that when you press it you don't open the start menu. Now using the supposed app, you set the rule, if "left_win" is pressed, press "p" Now assign sprint to"p" and when you hit "left_win" the game ignores it but the app sees it and says "thats a press of "p" so in game you sprint

Example 3

You don't want to have to hold crouch to stay crouched but theres no way ingame to make crouch toogle. So in your app, you create a "hold" rule that says "consider a "press" of "left_alt" key (assuming ingame thats assigned to crouch) to have the function of "holding" the alt key down. Consider a second press as "releasing" the key. Now you press "Left_alt" you stay crouched, press again and you stand.

So you would need the ability to give the following rules (as far as I have figured so far)

Consider a "press/hold/release" of "duration" of "assigned key" to be a "press/hold/release" of "duration" of "assigned key"

The reason for "duration" is say you don't want to hold to sprint, so you say

Rule: "Press" of "Left_Alt" = "Hold" of "Left_Alt" for "Duration = 8"

This is because in the game you sprint for 8 seconds, so once your out of breath you don't want the charater to be automatically trying to sprint everytime the sprint reacharges a little. Also you would need rules to say

"Mouse_Button1" "click" = "Left_Alt" "Release hold" because if you shoot, you stop sprinting, would need this for other keys as well.

Course there would be issues,in an rpg where you can sprint longer as you level up, how you gonna do it? But for the most part if would be a sodding useful tool.

Anyone know of an app like this, be interesting in 1 if it was created, see any issues I have not? Know better ways to do this kind of thing?

Cheers Guys

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