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Forum: All Forums : Call of Duty 2
Category: CoD2 Scripting
Scripting and coding with Call of Duty 2.
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Author Topic: move1 = ("move1","targetname"), anything wrong?
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Since: Nov 23, 2006
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Level 5
Category: CoD2 Scripting
Posted: Friday, Jun. 5, 2009 12:43 pm
Dear Zelahim,

I tried your script and it just works fine over here. The only thing I noticed is that the "battlefield_smokebank_S" effect doesn't play.

Then there is a line that isn't used: "origin = move1 getorigin();" (You can better give origin a number or something it could cause errors in the future!


P.S. the way I test it is with rewriting it on my own way, maybe you want to take a look into it ;)
  thread mortar();

  level._effect[ "mortar_effect_dirt" ] = loadfx( "fx/explosions/artilleryExp_dirt_brown.efx" ); // Dirt effect
  level._effect[ "mortar_effect_smoke" ] = loadfx( "fx/smoke/battlefield_smokebank_S.efx" ); // Smoke effect (Didn't work!)
  level._effect[ "mortar_effect_3" ] = loadfx( "fx/explosions/mortarExp_beach.efx" ); // Unknown effect

  level thread mortarfx(); // Load the FX

  mortar = getEnt( "mortar", "targetname" ); // The mortar
  mortar_shell_1 = getEnt( "mortarshell1", "targetname" ); // The shell wich will move into the air
  mortar_shell_2 = getEnt( "mortarshell2", "targetname" ); // The shell wich will move to the ground
  mortar_trigger = getEnt( "mortartrigger", "targetname" ); // The use trigger
  mortar_smoke = getEnt( "mortarsmoke", "targetname" ); // The place where smoke will be seen when fired
  mortar_origin = getEnt( "mortarorigin1", "targetname" ); // The place where the shell will move to
  mortar_effects = getEnt( "mortarfxorigin", "targetname" ); // The place for the impact fx
  top_layer = getEnt( "toplayer", "targetname" ); // The normal layer
  bot_layer = getEnt( "botlayer", "targetname" ); // The impact layer

  bot_layer Hide(); // Hide the impact layer
  mortar_shell_2 Hide(); // Hide the shell in the air

  mortar_trigger waittill( "trigger" ); // Wait for the trigger to be triggered
  playfx( level._effect[ "mortar_effect_smoke" ], mortar_smoke.origin ); // Play smoke from mortar
  // mortar_smoke playsound( "mortar_fired" ); // Plays a mortar fires sound

  mortar_shell_1 moveto( (mortar_origin.origin), 1 ); // Moves the shell into the air
  mortar_shell_1 waittill( "movedone" ); // Waits for the shell to arive

  mortar_shell_2 Show();
  mortar_shell_1 Delete();

  mortar_shell_2 moveto( (mortar_effects.origin), 1 ); // Moves the shell to the place of the impact
  mortar_shell_2 waittill( "movedone" ); // Waits for the sheel to arive at the ground

  playfx( level._effect[ "mortar_effect_dirt" ], mortar_effects.origin ); // The dirt effect
  playfx( level._effect[ "mortar_effect_smoke" ], mortar_effects.origin ); // The smoke effect
  playfx( level._effect[ "mortar_effect_3" ], mortar_effects.origin ); // The ? effect
  // mortar_effects playsound( "mortar_impact" ); // Plays the mortar impact sound

  mortar_shell_2 Delete(); // The shell will be deleted
  bot_layer Show(); // IMPORTANT otherwise players that are standing there can fall through, shows the impact layer
  top_layer Hide(); // Hides the normal layer

  earthquake( 0.3, 3, mortar_effects.origin, 5000 ); // Make a earthquacke on the place of impact
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General Member
Since: Dec 31, 2008
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Last: Sep 23, 2010
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Level 2
Category: CoD2 Scripting
Posted: Saturday, Jun. 6, 2009 12:58 am
Okey, now i finally solved it!

The error:

When i recalled the effects, i spelled it morteffekt(Im from sweden, where we spell it with k instead of c)
But when i've played the explosion, i spelled it with c.

Thanx for wasting your time anyway, It's gonna help me alot in the future!
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