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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I map using radiant if I have Windows Vista?

Most mapping editors rely on a 3D directive called opengl. Vista utilizes DirectX 10 instead of opengl and this can often cause problems. However, Vista and video card manufacturers have enabled means of compatibility with one another and in most cases can assist in getting your mapping editor to work with the OS.

Although it doesn't always work, a recommended method that may help if you cannot get Vista and your editor to work well is the following suggestion. Run your mapping editor and related programs as an administrator in Vista. This is done by right clicking on the start icon. Then select "Run as Administrator". Radiant, compile, single player games and multi-player games all need to be started this way. This may help you to continue your work in this environment.

Fastfile 1 of 2, "mp_building": [ver. 5] process...
ERROR: Could not open 'maps/mp/mp_building.gsc'
amishthunder writes: Just tweak the mp_test.gsc to your map and save as mp_building.gsc
In case it is not there, here is what it contains...


setExpFog(500, 2200, 0.81, 0.75, 0.63, 0);
//VisionSetNaked( "mp_backlot" );

game["allies"] = "marines";
game["axis"] = "opfor";
game["attackers"] = "axis";
game["defenders"] = "allies";
game["allies_soldiertype"] = "desert";
game["axis_soldiertype"] = "desert";

setdvar( "r_specularcolorscale", "1" );



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