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Frequently Asked Questions

Maximum allowable design limits
It is not an error, but will cause errors if exceeded.
[Taken from source code]

// upper design bounds
// leaffaces, leafbrushes, planes, and verts are still bounded by
// 16 bit short limits



// key / value pair sizes

How do i create windows (glass) thet can be broken?
Make sure you have the glass brush selected and that it has been textured with a glass texture and then right click, go to func_glass and that's it.
How can I get my map lighting to look more profressional?
Let your sky ligthing the outdoor (the cover of the skybox should be narrow over the map buildings!). Avoid to use point lights for natural outdoor.

For indoor lights use for example light=1024 and scale=.025
If you want to light outdoor (or big halls) use light=50 and scale=10
For these normal lights attend that the second ring of the light (Gtk shows the scale!) isnt overlaying the walls.

If you want bright day lights (this old ravensoft method above generates relative dark lighting)
use light=500 and scale=0.5 for indoor
Outdoor needs light=500 and scale=15 for example.
But for this attend that the innermost ring isnt overlaying the walls.

If you only use lights with a value of 300 and without the scale key the result are spots on walls! For perfect lighting you can give your lights a color. Lamp spots on walls you can simulate with light=10 and pointing to an info_null (Control+K).
Where can I find some additional documentation for radiant?
The official website for radiant offers additional documentation that can possibly help you work with the SOFSDK or GTK which are both forms of radiant. The site can be found at qeradiant.com/manual.
How do i make a map useable with the multiplayer aspect of the game?
If you are looking to get your map to show up in the list of available playable maps, you need to have created an arena file. For more information o­n this, check out our tutorial o­n arena files.
How come I can't rotate my entities like cars, sinks and stuff like that?
Models and entities are defined differently by the game engine than a regular world brush, so rotating them requires a different procedure. Instead of just being able to spin them around, you need to tell the game which direction they should be facing. This can be done from the entity editor, the same place you could define how bright a light is or how far a door should open. By define the "angle" of the model, you can define the direction it should face.
How come i can walk through my .md3 files such as Urinals, Sinks, Tires, etc... ?
All models in Soldier of Fortune II are only there for visual purposes. They have no solid properties. This allows for a more flexible environment that can meet the level designers needs.

If you want to make your models appear solid, simply place a clip brush inside of it. Choose a clip brush texture from the tools texture set that best suits your model (metal, wood, etc) and apply it to a brush that fits the shape of the model.
How do I select a brush (box) in my map?
Shift + Left Click in the 3d window will select any brush. It will remain selected until you deselect it by hitting the esc key (deselects all brushes) or by selecting it again.
What is an origin brush?
An origin brush is a brush that defines the center of an entity. It is created like any other brush but texture with the origin texture.

Create your main object of brushes (door, fan, etc.) but do not turn them into an entity just yet. First create your origin brush, then select all the brushes and turn them all (including the origin brush) into your entity (func_rotating, func_door, etc.).

Think of the origin brush like the hing on a door. The is the center at with the door rotates.
Why do some models look black or having missing textures in the game?
One thing you may have noticed when using misc_models is that although they show up fine in the editor, many of them turn out black or unskinned in-game. GTK Radiant users will find that almost all the misc_models turn out this way. Below is a simple fix:


1) Even though GTK comes with shaders already installed in your base path; most of the shaders are incomplete. You have to re-extract all the shaders from therest.pk3 into your /base directory, overwriting the shaders that were there originally. If you're using winzip, make sure you have 'use folder names' checked.

2) When compiling, you need to add the -rename perameter to your BSP process. Do this by opening your project settings and editing every type of compile listed.

i.e - where it says sof2map.exe -bsp
change it to sof2map.exe -bsp -rename


There are still a few models that show up as black or unskinned in-game, in both GTK and the SDK editors. To fix these you will have to make your own custom shaders as follows:

Original shader in finca_models.shader

q3map_material Plastic
map models/objects/finca/furniture/poolside_chair
rgbGen lightingDiffuse

Make your own shader file with a unique name. (mymap.shader) Copy the above shader into it and make the following changes. Never edit existing Raven shader files.
(changes are indicated in bold text)

q3map_material Plastic
map models/objects/finca/furniture/poolside_chair
rgbGen vertex

Make sure you always compile with the -rename perameter in the BSP process.
Why are unique filenames important for all of your textures, images, maps, etc.?
Apparently when the game loads it looks in ALL the pk2 files, and thus if the game cannot find what it needs in map1.pk3 and the same file name in the same location appears in map2.pk3, it will use the one from map2.pk3.

Be careful that what you add in your pk3 does not interfere with anyone else's maps.
Why can't i use all of the models, items, entities, or features in my maps?
GLM models, Behaved models, NPC's, and Icarus scripting can be used in singleplayer maps only. There are other limitations as well since both SP and MP have a seperate entity set.
How would i go about mapping for a particular mod?
Please refer to the documentation of the mod, or email its creator. Due to the fact that a new mod version may alter our information, and that there are many different mods, we cannot go into this in the FAQ.
How can i make water in my terrain maps, such as a lake or river?
Ungroup the terrain entity and use vertex manipulation to create your crater or rift. Now place a single water brush there to fill it.
How can i make a good heightmap for use with gensurf?
if you have photoshop...

start with a white image sized something like 1024x1024 (or whatever you want)
make your foreground black and your background white
filter > render > clouds

that will give you a hilly terrain.

if you want a flat spot in the middle:

add a new layer
select a large brush with faded edges
paint a black area where you want the flatness
filter > blur > guassian blur at about 4.7

the blur will give you more of a smoother slope into the hilly terrain. now turn that into a mode > grayscale. save as an 8bit bmp and you can use it in gensurf.
How do i apply a texture to only one face of a brush?
shift + ctrl + left click in the 3d window.

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