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This is a step by stey guide in making a areateleport STEP 1 Make a trigger_use_touch wiht the KPA's press n for the key & value give it thes... more 
Downloaded 13 times
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This tutorial shows how to set up a Japanese ambush using spiderholes , tree snipers and the flare.This file contains the tutorial and accompanying so... more 
Downloaded 85 times
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This video will take you through the installation and use of the Call of Duty: World at War mapping tools. An indepth video of basics for single pl... more 
Downloaded 1994 times
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This video explains how to use the free modeling program Blender to creat a terrain model from a heightmap. It then explains how to import that ter... more 
Downloaded 452 times
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this is a quick and easy way to do arches. works for most versions of radiant. tutorial is in video format.  
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This is my soundalias from my map mp_vm_jungle 
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This is the rar used in the TUT WAW Climbing Zombies Tutorial by starkk  
Downloaded 346 times
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Zombietest level with prefabs of weapons and blocked. Working zombies and all scripts. Plus a step by step guide. readme is inside the winrar file.  
Downloaded 256 times

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It seems to me the like the site is completely dead?

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