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eXtreme+ v2.9
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This map has 2 factorys and a generator building. An unknown creature has killed off some humans and is using it as a storage area for the bodie... more 
Downloaded 22 times
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game show tv cams all over tight quarters combat 
Downloaded 14 times
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This map has a towering elevator shaft complete with sniping platform at the top, with bunker, and patented destruction button! 
Downloaded 18 times
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This Half Life 2 Deathmatch map was inspired by the dm_runoff map made byvalve. Its a small-medium sized map Complete with elevator and other intere... more 
Downloaded 29 times
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started out as prefab but i couldnt stop so i turnd it to a full map havr fun e mail me for vmf file to change if you like 
Downloaded 12 times
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this is a map with pretty cool lighting as my friends put it. theres a teleporter that takes u from one side to the other but its only one way. th... more 
Downloaded 10 times
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this is 3 maps combined for lots of players and styles of play lots explosives and sniper points close quarters combat too all welcome to run on perso... more 
Downloaded 17 times

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