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The second version of my CR storage map. I wanted to make a good deathmatch arena. I looked at a few maps from other games,and decided to base this ar... more 
Downloaded 84 times
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A collection of SOF maps from foyleman. They include the map files along with the finished packages. 
Downloaded 221 times
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My very first map ever... made for LAN nights @ work, of work... DM only, if I recall correctly... yes there are a few bugs, mostly with EAX sou... more 
Downloaded 53 times
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A winter map I got the idea from the map The Chateau on Call of Duty United Offensive. Supports DM,CTF,INF_Elim up to 40 players,20 DM players.I hope ... more 
Downloaded 13 times
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A fun map based on a Train Depot DM and all Team Games are fun on this it is also a great sniper map.Enjoy! 
Downloaded 6 times

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It seems to me the like the site is completely dead?

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