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A medium sized map designed for playing deathmatch. There are 2 towers, some tunnels and some walls in between the two opposite bunkers where the team... more 
Downloaded 3 times
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Simple symetric CS Source Map based on two indenticle buildings where each team starts and a small courtyard in the middle. Teams can move out through... more 
Downloaded 52 times
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Hey everyone. If you are looking for a fast pase map this map is the one for you. This is a straing out kill each other map, no bomb, no hostages ... more 
Downloaded 14 times
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This is MyMap Pack I haven't created these maps I'm just publishing them 
Downloaded 79 times
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CS:S Map - Bomb/Defuse name: de_dust2_remake_ver2 author: [RЖB] Blade clan: RumpelBumpel homepage: www.rumpelbumpel.de c... more 
Downloaded 7 times
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Well here are some almost finished pix of my 1st Counter-Strike Map. It is a defuse map and other than 1 hallway, is completly and outside map like ... more 
Downloaded 39 times
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========== Map Title :de_Research_Silo Map Version :v1.0 Author :GiantSwede E-Mail :GiantSwede@yahoo.com ========== Game :Counter... more 
Downloaded 2 times
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A glass map with hidden areas, explosives barrels, physics and more! 
Downloaded 10 times
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This is a GunGame Map that I made for Counter-Strike Source. It has a Dust/Desert type theme to it...It Includes an underground tunnel and more. ====... more 
Downloaded 11 times

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