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A texture of an arrow for SOF1 mapping. This m32 texture will help you to determine the direction your brushface is facing. Good for determining the d... more 
Downloaded 140 times
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An arrow image for SOF 1 as described in many of the tutorials. Used to assist in determining texture direction. Especially usefull to determine "flow... more 
Downloaded 39 times
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An SOF texture converter. It converts your tga files to m32 format and will retain transparency for those new textures. 
Downloaded 422 times
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The M32 Tool Beta will allow you to edit the finer points of your m32 texture files for Soldier of Fortune 1. It will open existing m32 files for edit... more 
Downloaded 120 times
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SOFRadiant for map editing with Soldier of Fortune. This is the updated version to that which was released with the game. 
Downloaded 1525 times

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