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Here is a mappack that BPU is running on their COD server. It includes all the mods and maps.  
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Hello Call of duty and uo maps MOD **** S&D TD DM Jump maps :P  
Downloaded 74 times
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2 new maps are in the server rotation for this month....The next mappack will highlight the MODSCON Contest Entrants, so dont forget to get your entry... more 
Downloaded 175 times
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The April 05 edition of the mappack includes the following:- mp_panzermine by Peter Lukats (Gorilla)- mp_stcomedumont by Marc Jansen (maverick) and Jo... more 
Downloaded 133 times
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This is the newest mappack for play on the MODSonline CoD Server. It includes the following maps: Abbey St.Juste by [Sb-uK]-=SHaDoW=- mp_farmho... more 
Downloaded 292 times
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This is the September 2004 modsonline map pack included maps are : arcville canal stanjel pestilence second coming w.e. vierville nacht wreck ... more 
Downloaded 376 times

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It seems to me the like the site is completely dead?

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