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COD: WAW Mapping & Steam
CoDWW MP Mapping
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CoD+UO General
Call of DutyŽ: WWII
CoD WW2 General


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IMPORTANT: BUY Doom3.. ! German: -32 Spieler MP -Einfach zu connecten -coop modus -gui fix (es werden rechts 32spieler angezeigt im scoreboard... more 
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09/04/05 Carnage Version 1.0b _____________ This is a free DOOM3 mod, it can't be sold. If you aren't able to run this mod, please download th... more 
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A readme.txt within the archive contains installation instructions. Short version - unpack to your 'base' directory under the Doom3 directory. 
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=== SUMMARY === Changes grenades into flares that can be thrown into dark areas to provide illumination for a short period of time. === ABOUT ==... more 
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Contents of README_MazeMaker1.txt: --------- Maze Maker v1.0 8/14/04 Martin "mwoody" Woodard, mzm@mwoody.com --------- Map name: m... more 
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We are three students of the "University of Potsdam, Germany". We developed in the context of the seminar "Nonlinear Media - Media Sema... more 
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