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NOTE: THIS MATERIAL IS NOT MADE OR SUPPORTED BY ACTIVISION. [MP_Wolfsquare for Call of Duty] Version: Final Map Design and Construction: [WP]Mo... more 
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Is my first publicly released CoD4 multiplayer map. The map only currently supports SD and is designed to be a competitive 5 v 5 map but can also work... more 
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Gamytypes supported: Tdm, Sd Map Size: Medium Sd Targets: AA-Gun, Tank Map Location: Classified!!!! This GREAT Map Creator: TTTC 
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Size: Small Collmaps Used:5 (Not counting with the map-bounds) Supported Gametypes: Tdm, Sd Sd Attackers: Americans Sd Targets: Tank, AA-Gun Sd L... more 
Downloaded 328 times

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