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Under The Rain
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Readme File:
UnderTheRain by Skyzo : www.sof2.fr.fm / eric.skyzo@wanadoo.fr

UnderTheRain is a Bridge of Argonath remake.
The map is small, but it is a great map for players who love lots of action in maps.

The story to start this map begins when Skyzo saw xmas-alley from GODh.
This map has falling snow in it.
My goal was to created a map with falling rain !

The result is UnderTheRain ! :)

Thanks to GoDh !!

Supported gametypes:
The map is made for Goldrush but it also can be used in Vanilla SOF2 or other mods (but not all gametypes).

* DM and TDM (fun for 10/12)
* CTF (fun for 4 vs 4, or 6 vs 6)
* Elimination
* CAH and TCAH (Goldrush only)
* CTB and TCTB (Goldrush only)

Number of players
It is hard to recommend a number of players.

The map is small, so with lots of actions you framerate may drop!
The falling rain might decrease the frames even a bit more and therefore it *might* cause problems on low-end systems!

This map support bots that use the WNT waypointsystem (Goldrush, older versions of Man Down, and maybe more)

Place UnderTheRain.pk3 into you sof2/base directory! This allows you to play it with sof2 and all mods!

* Skyzo : www.sof2.fr.fm
* GODh for making the original rainfall texture and shader. Thank you very much !

Have fun playing UnderTheRain ! And have fun :)

by Skyzo (email)


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