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is this place alive?
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Crosshair Pack V1
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------ Call of Duty Crosshair Pack v1 by Zagash ------

Release date: Sept 2, 2003

This is my first mod for Call of Duty, the new game of the creators of MOHAA. This
mod is for the CoD Demo (maybe will works on the final version too)

If I am not mistaken this is the first CoD crosshair modification. If it's true,
I'm pleased to able to make it :) BTW this is only a simple mod with a new
expanded sniper scope, new FriendlyFire icon and some alteration on the
crosshair of the standard weapons and MG42.

to install: Copy the pk3 file into the "main" directory
to uninstall: Remove the pk3 file from the directory

Thank you for downloading this mod.
Have Fun! ;)



by Zagash () (website)


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Not created by the creators of mohaa
im sorry to tell you, maybe dissapoint you, but the mohaa creators cannot create such good games as Call Of Duty, they didnt create call of duty either. Some mohaa creators helped the cod ones, but there were moslty non mohaa creators
Posted by littlestuif on Tue. Aug. 9, 2005

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