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Saving Private Smith (mp_smith)
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DOCUMENTATION ====================================================================== Map Title: mp_smith Map Version: v0.9b Author: AndrewT E-mail: - Website: - ====================================================================== Game: Call of Duty: United Offensive v1.51 Supported Gametype: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch Map Size: for 4-6 players (19 DM and 38 TDM Spawnpoints) 9500 x 9700 skybox (cca) 4000 x 6500 playable area (cca) ====================================================================== Contents of this Package: 1 MP map ====================================================================== Installation Instructions: Place the zzz_mp_smith.pk3 into your X:...Call of DutyMain folder ====================================================================== Construction Time: Way too long... (12.2010 - 12.2013, see the Additional Notes) Custom Content: Textures Shaders Audio Skins Known Bugs: Minor clipping issues Overlap texture glitches Different visibility inside and outside the airplane model ====================================================================== Credit to Other Authors: Applications used: CoDRadiant CoD Texture Editor CoDUO Maker Adobe Photoshop CS6 Notepad (but really!) Audacity v1.3b Sources used: http://modsonline.com (tutorials, comments) http://modbase.be (tutorials, comments) http://totalconversion.hu (tutorials, comments) http://cgtextures.com (textures) ====================================================================== Special Thanks: Vandread05, whose contribution in the testing and bugfixing process was absolutley immence (thanks, mate! ;) ====================================================================== Additional Notes: History This is the part that I believe no one would care to read. Anyways... The map has quite a history behind it. Back in 2005 when I started experimenting with Call of Duty map editing, I chose the same subject, but unfortunately didn't get far with it. Lack of promising results, lack of skills, lack of patience and lack of trustworthy hard disk drives hindered the completion, and at the end, this very initial and amateur attempt failed and completley lost. Four years later, unfortunately and ironically, I had the freetime that the learning curve of the map editor and the completion of a map needed, and finsihed a completley different map project on a quality level I was quite satisfied with, being a first "real" attempt. Note, that by that time it was already 6 years into the game. Out of the blue, in 2010 the infamous demonstration version of Commandos 2 appeared on the web. This was the only version of the demo, and wasn't initially meant for public release, only journalists could take their hands on it back in 2001, and you have to admire their discipline, as this demo wasn't leaked earlier. Only a couple of pictures were published about it, and only legends were floating about the functions it featured, meanwhile the final version of the game did not. The demo version presented, what a lucky coincidence, the mission Saving Private Smith, and the player was able to utilize the later restricted functions, like complete rotation and panning inside the buildings, and an additional top view outdoor. This was the trigger, a chance you don't want to miss, as this top view could have served as a blueprint, offering exact dimensions, portions and placement. An input that is immence to a mapper that aims to recreate an "existing" location accurately. Something that would be invaluable for any mapper, and something most custom maps lack. So in December 2010 once again I took up with mapping, this time with more knowledge, more experince, more patience, but less time, which obviously shouldn't have caused an almost 3 year long building time. During this period I experienced the widest range of distractions that could have kept me away from the project sometimes for weeks, sometimes for months. Work, other obligations, frustration caused by the limitations of the editor, and finally a hard disk breakdown, again, after it seemed that 8 months of work was about to lose away. Only couple of days later appeared so, that luckily it wasn't. About the limitations. After a while I had to admit, that if I ever want to finish this project, I couldn't stick to the 100 percent accuracy I was so desperately aiming for. Imagine that the good old Commandos 2 inside and outside models didn't fit each other sometimes, so the layout determined by the indoor view can't physically result in the respective outdoor view. Imagine that Call of Duty utilizes the so to speak veteran Quake 3 engine, and prefers every elements stick to the grid, parallel or perpendicular. Models can freely be rotated, theoretically brushes as well, but they become heavily distorted and off the grid, causing glitches ingame or even preventing the compilation. Considering all the above, some buildings on the map must have a different angle compared to their original counterparts. Except for this, every other inch of the map pretty much resembles the one Pyro Studios created. Friends tried to convince me that it is only a waste of time, and I should find a newer platform to base the map on. I would say, they were right, but it was not a rational choice of mine. I am rather emotional about these two legendary games, Commandos 2: Men of Courage and Call of Duty: United Offensive. Doesn't really matter wether a decade has past since their release - this is my way to pay tribute to them, their developers, and the community. These are not one of those many games that you throw away just one year after their release, when the actual episode comes out. These games still have a surprisingly large player and modder community attached and addicted to them lurking in the shadows of the web, still enjoying what these games have to offer. Legendary games will always be remembered. A finished or completed map: every mapper knows that such things don't exist, there are always new ideas, new ways to polish your bits and bytes and change something around. You don't, you can't release a final "product", neither do I. You only publish something that has reached a quality level you judge worthy enough to let some players take their hands on it. Mp_smith has plenty of areas to be improved, couple of ideas that could not have been implemented. Yet. Some minor updates to it can still be expected. Thank you for downloading and reading. If just one (being a multiplayer map, let's rather say: two) player(s) could enjoy this map and appreciate the enthusiasm involved in its creation, then all the efforts are already paid off. Please feel free to leave constructive comments on the download page at http://modsonline.com. ====================================================================== This readme file was (more or less) generated at MODSonline.com Visit MODSonline.com for custom game content: Downloads, Projects, Forums, Tutorials, Videos, Reviews, News, etc. http://www.modsonline.com/ March 15, 2014 Additional Preview Images: http://s5d3.turboimagehost.com/sp/d1dd2f5bc5f5539bcfd6ad9ca2cc7e64/shot0149.jpg http://s5d3.turboimagehost.com/sp/d764f26a0d1bc3a63c73acc382b16184/shot0151.jpg http://s5d3.turboimagehost.com/sp/0a4830ef0aaca09de71633e5a05acf0d/shot0169.jpg http://s5d3.turboimagehost.com/sp/2ace5b19ab57db795a8b985abe32a592/shot0170.jpg http://s5d3.turboimagehost.com/sp/51bc3c63f9e30f446c6ec9c9f1ddf1bd/shot0171.jpg http://s5d3.turboimagehost.com/sp/a28a0211f2e96b96d09f24193e1cc067/shot0172.jpg http://s5d3.turboimagehost.com/sp/ccfccb17b205e556fae48db9c437c7c1/shot0173.jpg http://s5d3.turboimagehost.com/sp/8fb01e4bfc570f13d8567d1b6f6dcbcb/shot0174.jpg http://s5d3.turboimagehost.com/sp/968e3f55942dfd3e3ffa21477bcb833a/shot0175.jpg

by AndrewT


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I agree SD and other gametypes should be added. Nice map
Posted by xXxRayRocks on Tue. Jul. 29, 2014
@lynx3: thanks for the comment, well, i don't really play cod2, therefore i don't think i would port it to that game, but if you have experience in converting cod1/uo maps to cod2, i could let your hands on the source files.
Posted by AndrewT on Tue. Jun. 3, 2014
this map looks BEAUTIFUL !!!the river, the crossing, the signs,etc.
its just amazing.

please any chance this map for cod2 please?
Posted by lynx3 on Fri. May. 30, 2014
Well it's a fantastic looking map and needs to be played, can't wait to see how you get SD sorted, and I would say HQ uses TMD spawns so that would work nicely and I know a HQ clan leader that wants it, He's a NOOB but he's got GUNS :)
Posted by morgawr on Sat. May. 17, 2014
@morgawr: true, as i started mapping in stock CoD, i "borrowed" a lot of textures from CoDUO for possible later use. i used a lot of them, and at the end of the process i messed with relinking those to the ones to be found in the .pk3 files. that's obviously no excuse, just some explanation.

to download it from a site, i shouldn't matter these days wether it's 100 or 50 megs. to place it on a server, even 50 megs is way too much, average custom maps are about 5 megs.

i also could reduce the dimensions of the textures to achieve the smallest size, but i believe high quality textures and skins do make the difference.

however, i will act upon your advice regarding the unused and relinkable textures, and wil also come up with an SD update.

thanks you so much for commenting and your valuable advices. see you soon!
Posted by AndrewT on Sat. May. 17, 2014
With unused textures removed the map is 52mbs
AndrewT, if you were to take another look at your map you could probably make it smaller. I hate to say it, but re texturing the map so it's much smaller would see it played on many servers.
If all wars were balanced no one would go to war, but an unbalanced map can be a challenge and a lot of fun.

Posted by morgawr on Thu. May. 15, 2014
Thanks for your kind and encouraging comment! I also considered implementing those game modes, but to be honest, the size and the layout of the map (which is dependent of its original counterpart) would not allow a balanced gameplay especially in SD, and most of the other game modes are based on SD, meanwhile DM and TDM don't need a "symmetric" layout. my favourite game modes are DEM and HQ on stock maps, and also like playing DOM. I think I'll add some more game modes, and if they don't produce the expected balanced gameplay, we still can use the DM and TDM. Thanks again for the idea!
Posted by AndrewT on Sat. Mar. 22, 2014
What a great map, it looks fantastic.
I think to see it used by more people it needs more gametypes.
Behind enemy lines = bel
Head quarters = hq
Search & destroy = sd
Retrieval = re
Capture the flag = ctf
all very easy to do and great for the cod community.

Another link site if big downloads are a problem for some.

Posted by morgawr on Fri. Mar. 21, 2014

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