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Video: MMS_Hills
Downloaded 8122 times
Make hills and make them smooth, Hill terrain 101

by MMS_Wyatt_Earp (email)


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When i press "Y" in the new GTK radiant "Advance Patch Editing" doesn't come up has the shortcut changed or whats going on?
Posted by Bunkai on Fri. Oct. 12, 2007
sorry i really didnt get this! what does the simpsons have to do with making hills!!... ohh im watching the wrong movie!
LOL.. great vid m8. keep 'em comin!
Posted by jumpinjax11 on Sun. Apr. 15, 2007
Great vid!!! yay i can make hills now (:
Posted by .KiLL3R. on Wed. Nov. 8, 2006
i saw the video thats great! ;) but what is the key he use with right mouse bottom to smooth the terrain? L key?? help
Posted by XiteR! on Sat. Oct. 7, 2006
umm.... you video's actually SUK!!!! i've never seen any videos that are as bad as these! plz try harder with your other ones...lol, jk.. you videoes are so awesome and now i can actually make maps!thx to your tutorials that is.. KEEP MAKING MORE!
Posted by 83solidsnake83 on Mon. Jun. 26, 2006
Many thanks to Wyatt
Many thanks to Wyatt, your efforts have helped me greatly!! Very thankful your tuts exist!
Posted by sgtbilkothe3rd on Sun. Apr. 16, 2006
Thanks Wyatt, Thanks to you I can make my own maps like I always wished I could ^_^
Posted by Xathian on Mon. Oct. 3, 2005

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