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Heroes 7 Part 3 "Fall of Man" Episode 2
Downloaded 41 times

Episode 2 is finally ready! Heroes 7 Part 3 "Fall of Man" Episode 2: Hell Awaits This is the final version of the map. Episode 2 is now ready! I may patch the map. Though it is unlikely. Most bugs are ironed out so the map should have any problem. There are a couple of minor bugs but these can easily be fixed. This is mentioned in the readme so read it. Also be sure to download the add on, download it on moddb. I don't want 2 files of the same map to download. You need the videos for the map. I decide to keep the file size small, so I have a separate file for the videos. Enjoy! This map took me 6 years to do. Initially had this map as the first episode of part 3 but decided to add in another first episode. That took a year. This took 6 years. There has been so much changes! Check out my xfire videos to find out the changes. I wanted to do a heli ride at the time but didn't know how. So I used jeep ride and then stealth mission but now I am doing heli ride. Going back to what I wanted to do in the first place. It fits the story and fits the maps perfectly. This map is fun, just like the other maps. So enjoy it! Again, I improved a lot since the first 2 parts so give this map a chance! More excitements coming up for these brave young lads! Post any comments or questions.

by sam_fisher3000 () (website)



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