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This is small singleplayer map, which takes place in Estonian capitol Tallinn. After russian nationalist have occupied most of the country, you, as a member of estonian special forces team, have to capture Major Sokolov, who has important info about nationalists plans. How to install After unpacking the zip file, you should have one folder named Mods and pirita.ff Place Mods folder inside your ActivisionCall of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare folder and pirita.ff to ActivisionCall of Duty 4 - Modern Warfarezoneenglish folder Next create new shortcut of the game, right click on the shortcut and select Properties In the Target window add a space and this line: +set fs_game Mods/estonianMod +devmap pirita It should look like this: "C:Program FilesActivisionCall of Duty 4 - Modern Warfareiw3sp.exe" +set fs_game Mods/estonianMod +devmap pirita Now start the game from that shortcut and you should be good to go

by 3st0nian


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Can't download file
Please upload this archive to the cloud storage. I canít download it for an hour. That archive is corrupted, then itís crashed by 92%
Posted by mike119 on Tue. Nov. 26, 2019
Thanks for comments and feedback.
1. Forgot that part completely
2. I thought I fixed that bug, but I'll try and fix it then I have some more time in my hands
3. Dont really know what is causing that
Again, thanks for the feedback, it will help improve the map and my level design skills.
Posted by 3st0nian on Tue. Apr. 17, 2012
This rocks!
Thanks a lot for this great level! I had a lot of fun playing it, the mapping was so nice, great scripting, and it never got boring! GREAT JOB!! :D
Three issues:
1. You can go under the map by jumping into the water near the tower.
2. The AI didn't do anything the first time I reached the tower and killed all enemies. I friedly-fired, was set back to the last checkpoint, played again, and it worked.
3. The G36C has an AK47 pickup icon?
Posted by TheRealAyCe on Sun. Apr. 15, 2012
I led it very much
I like this map very much man, good gameplay, good story and it is one of the most realistic cod4 costum map iīve ever seen xD
Posted by XetalGames on Fri. Mar. 30, 2012
can't open ur sp map
hello sorry cant extract or open ur map @ all!! plzhelp or fix file tnx much
Posted by Mr-Snipper on Tue. Mar. 27, 2012

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