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new_town Release
Downloaded 319 times

The zip contains: - The actual .map file for both new_town and the bonus map. Those wanting to see how a single player map looks like in radiant feel free to open it with your mod tools. - All scripts ever used are in there including reflections.csv, new_town.sun and a special file that contains all the keys you use in radiant. :) It may seem like I've included almost nothing but trust me these are the bad boys you have been waiting for. Don't forget that this also applies to the bonus map. Once you download the zip you are free do what ever you would like with the file. If you want to alter them to make your own mission using roughly the same layout, your free to do so. I have no problem if you use part or the entire map to create your own map. :)

by Eri Sanchez "voidsource"


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I was here late.
But great work voidsource.
Posted by SPi on Wed. Apr. 16, 2014

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