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The Fortress Official v. 1.0
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My first official map for CoD 4. Enjoy! Rate and comment! If you will find any errors write about it here.

by Pablo Abruzzi (email)


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How would I do that?
I'm sorry but I have no idea how to do that. I assume by "download agent", you mean download manager? I've looked all over the internet on how to disable my download manager with no luck. May I ask you how one would disable my download agent? Thank you and sorry for hassling you. I hope its not too much trouble
Posted by MrSchediaphile on Tue. Oct. 14, 2014
tested. download works.
Make sure you don't use a download agent.
And note that the download occurs in a POPUP window.
Posted by foyleman on Mon. Oct. 13, 2014
Download won't work
Hey, I really want to play this map but it won't download :( It always stops downloading after a few minutes. When I try again, the archive is empty. Would you upload your map some where else please?
Posted by MrSchediaphile on Sun. Oct. 12, 2014
Hi, i would love to play your map, but unfortunately i cannot download it, it aborts after 3 min and it hasnt been downloaded fully. Could you upload your map to somewhere else please?
Posted by TheRealAyCe on Mon. Apr. 16, 2012
Are u going to create more SP Maps, if u create I hope the character be Price, Gaz and the guy u using is Soap and the allies would be the marines xD
Posted by XetalGames on Wed. Jan. 25, 2012
start a thread with feedback about ur map. im dl it atm and gonna play it. but u should start a thread to see who has played it and wat they t hink of it. it would be better than adding comments.
Posted by voidsource on Thu. Sep. 1, 2011
Thank you very much foyleman and sorry.
Posted by Pablo_Abruzzi on Thu. Sep. 1, 2011
File moved to the correct category and the file download link is now working correctly.
Posted by foyleman on Thu. Sep. 1, 2011
Wrong page
Yeh... it should be in cod4 download section, but whatever, its too late. My mistake sry :)
Posted by Pablo_Abruzzi on Wed. Aug. 31, 2011

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