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Mohaa maps on Cod2?
CoD2 MP Mapping


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Stock Tanks To New Tanks
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Changes All stock Tanks in COD UO

by D4


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You mismatched the Jagdpanther and the KV-1:
- Their names are switched (Jadgpanther called KV-1 and the other way around)
- The Jagdpanther has a turret-motion, the KV1 doesn't, this should be the other way around. (the Jagdpanther has no turret-motion, the KV-1 has)
- The sounds (mainly the MG's) are switched.
- The Jagdpanther replaces the Elefant and the KV-1 replaces the SU-152, so their locations are NOT mismatched.
This is this way too with the sound pack.

Small sidenote: it looks like the jagdpanther is missing one plate of the side-skirt on the right side.
Posted by Tim1995 on Wed. May. 29, 2013
You need STOCK_SOUNDS.pk3 as well to make this mod work

Posted by Donefore on Thu. Apr. 7, 2011

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