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These are 2 maps, night and day versions of the same map in the Carentan area. The maps features hedgerows and a town to separate teams. The night version also has flares to help illuminate the map. Maps were designed for base assault, other games supported are DM, TDM, CTF, HQ and S&D. Please send comments and bug reports to gpmapping@gmail.com. Thanks for checking them out. GomerPyle

by GomerPyle (email)


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Sorry you're having a problem Donefore, I've got the maps on the PCGO server and have not seen any problems. Perhaps something got screwed up in the transfer. Does your server have mods on it? The PCGO server uses awe. I've checked both maps in developer mode with no problems.

Are you sure you're uploading the file(s) in a BINARY format and not ASCII?
Posted by GomerPyle on Sat. Mar. 12, 2011
Hello Gomer,

I have downloaded these maps loaded them up threw filezilla, restarted my server and went to join, I got into the map but when I joined a team the "connection iteruption" then crashed on both maps! so I went into console logs couldn t find anything but this

./mlds.sh: line 27: 16757 Aborted

so I tried to load it up on my home computer works great.

Any Ideas whats the problem?

Posted by Donefore on Sat. Mar. 12, 2011

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