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The map is based in the mountains of New Guinea & focuses on the battle that took place there between The Japanese Army & Australian Imperial Forces. Jul - Nov 1942. This campaign lasted until Jan '43 but Kokoda was retaken in Nov '42. The combat at times hand to hand, took place on steep mountainous jungle terrain (upto 7,500 feet) from Imita Ridge to Kokoda, some 50 hrs away by foot. The principal method of transport. Many of the soldiers who fought & died here believed they were defending Australia from invasion. The map is not accurate, however it's influenced by what I've researched & aims at trying to give an impression on a battle that sits close to the hearts of Australians. However in order to make it fun & improve gameplay, there are other elements added to the map that change it from a true depiction. The campaign ended with the defeat of the Japanese on the coast at Buna, Gona & Sanananda by a joint American - Australian effort in Jan 1943. ------------------------------- Map Size: Large Players: Upto 32 Setting: Early Morning Teams: Allies - U.S. Marines Axis - Japanese Gametypes supported: CTF - Capture the Flag DM - Deathmatch DOM - Domination HQ - Headquarters SAB - Sabotage S&D - Search and Destroy TDM - Team Deathmatch TWAR - War Map Features: Dynamic foliage Destructible Ammo crates & Barrels Destroyable hinged window shutters Trees with ropes for traversing or camping Birds of Paradise sound effects Custom S&D objectives Custom HQ objectives representing Allies & Axis Dynamic entities - Helmets, Lanterns, Ammo Bags, Buckets & Cans Dynamic pointconstraint entities Custom water, objects & foliage Native art The mine FX work via a trigger multiple so if no one's in the mine there's no FX being generated Some of the underground is blocked off in the War gametype to even gameplay Mods Information: I've developed the map using the basic mp_usermaps. The map appears to work with: (thanks to all who gave me info) AWE5 2.5 ACE 5.6 OW 1.6.8 RGN Vietnam Mod 1.2 ERM Mod BRM Mod Demon Mod MK2 SVR Mod 1.22 X5 2.5 ------------------------------- Credits: Zweimann for the dynamic foliage script Robbo for change to the script Dickymint for the model reskining idea RGN Wiki & Forums (thanks for the input) Nerd Wars members (Carl, Gav, Troy, Stephan, Alan & Jarrad) for testing Tropical Plant Textures - http://plants.swtexture.com/

by Gerry (email) (website)


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