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This map was designed for a small number of players. As a base assault game it only has two bunkers per side and requires aggressive tactics to win. As domination it plays well and can be quite frantic at times. Capture the Flag can be a bit of a challenge. DM and TDM well they are what they are. For sniper matches there are plenty of opportunities to skulk around. Add pk3 file to UO folder.

by Wrighty (email)


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Feedback and stuff
Thanx for the feedback.
Took a while of searching and raking round various forums and help files but now understand the use of portals. I shall keep this in mind for the future.
There were only 10 of us max when we played this map and it ran OK. The tanks are script models and are only there for the bas game. Same as for jeeps, mg42s and flak 88s. Try playing the map DOM or CTF. Makes for one hell of a ding dong.
Posted by necrophaige on Sat. Nov. 20, 2010
Hey, thanks for more BA maps. You did a really nice job on the detail and the layout of this map. All those buildings will make for a lot of in fighting. You probably could have done without the tanks. haha. One suggestion I would make is you really need to use portals. With tris levels approaching 200,000 the lag on this map may make it un-playable with more than just a few players.

Keep up the good work and the base maps!
Posted by GomerPyle on Sat. Nov. 20, 2010

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