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Mohaa maps on Cod2?
CoD2 MP Mapping
is this place alive?
CoDBO3 Mapping
Call of DutyŽ: WWII
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MODSCON Stage 3 Start
Downloaded 19 times

This is the ending to KillerCrazzy's winning map for MODSCON 2010. This Ending is to be used as the beginning for Stage 3 of the contest.

Contained in this zip is:

- Playable version of L4D2_hockey found in the zip file titled "l4d2_hockey.zip". Readme instructions can be found in this package for installation and information.

- The opening map file for Stage 2 development. As the contest rules state, your goal is to continue the game chapter from where the previous map left off. This is that previous map's ending.

- The custom text required for all contest entries.

by KillerCrazzy


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