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CoDUO Mapping


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Multiplayer - CoD:UO - Long Winter Garden
Downloaded 78 times

The Long Winter Garden is a small symmetric map designed for CTF (8 spawns per team), but which also has DM (14) and TDM (14) spawn points. There are respawning flamethrowers, panzerfausts and FG42s. Two tanks and one jeep per side. The scene: Its a freezing and bleak morning. The German and American troops wake up to a fresh covering of snow. They face each other across the wooded terrain; mounting their tanks and Flak guns, ready for one last battle. The sky is grey and a light snow falls as flames burst from flamethrowers and the air is filled with bullets and shells. Its down to this; which flag will fall. Enjoy. Any constructive feedback is appreciated.

by Mystic (email)


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