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Operation Cinema: Afghansitan
Downloaded 392 times

The Mission: "Nu Khaled, nu Pogodi*!" Location: US/Russian Military base in Xarrod, Afghanistan Time: 6 months after Al Asad's supposed death A part of Operation Cinema Mod, which you can follow here: http://www.moddb.com/mods/sp-roussebulgaria Storyline: After spending 6 months in hiding Al Asad is ready to meet his JIHAD partner Mehmed Al Mustafi in their safehouse in Afghanistan. Unfortunately for him his chopper is attacked by an US Cobra helicopter that changes his plans. Asad managed to survive this crash landing but now he is trapped in a village not far away from the nearby base in Xarrod, hosting hundreads of fully armed US, Russian and Afghani militia. Lucky for him JIHAD forces in Afghanistan have a secret prototype Jamming Device, that blocks allied communications, therefore the village gurads are unable to inform their allies in the nearby base. After Mehmed learns that his friend is trapped he scrambles the nearby hidden JIHAD base hosting some of Afghanistan's finest partizan soldiers. They easily managed to overrun the village guard. Player: Taking the role of Russian captain Georgy Zhukov in the nearby base, where due to the jamming device in the village, nobody has a clue to what is happening only a few kilometeres away. Sensing the situation must be checked HQ sends a small squad consising of Captain Zhukov, his friend Major Vasil Rostovsky, US captain Randal, Corporal McGuiness and Private Harris to report on the situation in the village. Little do those 5 men know that this small scouting assignment will be merely the beggining of the greatest war that the world hasnt seen since WW2. Fighting Sides: Allies: Russian Expenditionary Forces, US Rangers, Afghani Militia Enemy: Afghani partizans, Elite JIHAD forces Map Objectives: - Arm up as you wish - SMG and Sniper? Assault Rifle and Pistol? You decide. - Ride into battle with your allies in a UAZ jeep - Reinforce the pinned down squad - Secure Village checkpoint - Search Canyon for more partizans - Locate the missing Cobra chopper - Maneuver safely through the minefield ( What you say? Thats easy Ill just look for the mine signs? Well Surprise! There is no marking of the mines. One wrong step and your dead, guess youll have to follow your allies VEEEEEEERY closely:) - Assault JIHAD base complex Secret Objective: ( does not need to be acomplished, but will greatly help you especially with the minefield objective ) - Locate missing Spec Ops squad. DEMO playability: About 90% of whole map, the only things missing is the final base assault and Seek and destroy the jamming device objectives. New weapons: - Magnum revolver ( favored by US officers ) - M1 Garand with bayonet ( used by JIHAD elites, and stay away from the bayonet ) - M1 A1 Thompson Normal/Drum Magazine ( used by some Afghani partizans ) - MP40 ( a tribute to the glory of the original CoD ) - Baikal Double Barrel Shotgun ( can be found in both sides ) New feature: Alt Weapon modes: Weapons can now switch between different fire types depending on the weapon itself, examples: AK47, M4 Carbine, M1 A1 Thompson, MP5 - can switch between Full-Auto and Semi-Auto M16 - Burst-Auto ( 3 rounds ) - Semi-Auto USP - can be used in normal mode or with a Silencer ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Instalation: 1. Extract files into your CoD4 directory - Files should be placed as: CoD4/main/Afganistan.IWD CoD4/main/video/Afganistan.BIK COD4/zone/english/Afganistan.FF 2. Start Call of Duty 4: Single Player 3. Open game console ` ( above TAB key ) and type "map Afganistan" 3а. If the console does not appear then you will need to enable it, once you start the game go to "Options" then "Game Options" click "Enable console" and you are ready 4. Play the game. 5. Report any bugs you encounter: Please read: i need feedback with 2 specific things to be exact - Do any of the new weapons have missing textures, I believe I added all textures but something is missing please let me know. - Even tho the map is made in english it should be able to support German subtitles, so if are using the German version of the game please tell me if you see subtitles in German. - copyright to songs used in-game not intended.

by ObiwanBUL (email)


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I played this map and enjoyed it although certain issues have to be risen.

You should of made the car trip more entertaining as it was incredibly slow and boring,adding music or some vistas would drastically improve it.

Try to alpha blend more of your terrain to make it more interesting not just a fake repeated pattern.

Add more easter eggs to try and explain the story.More detail and decals to create an atmosphere for the player.

Overall welldone

Posted by taintxs on Sat. Aug. 7, 2010
Sure I can help you, my scripting still can use some work as evidenced by the barricade, originally the enemies had to be flood spawners but for some bizzare reason it didnt work ( unlike the other 28171 times I did it ), anyway the idea is you had another force attacking the village and the squad goes through the canyon to outflank them. Still im good in the creative department - ideas and likewise.Hit me at
xfire: obiwanbul
Posted by *Delta*Obi-Wan on Sun. Jul. 18, 2010
Very good
This is a very good map. The only problem I had was the path. I didn't know where to go at times. When rescuing the downed pilot, Nothing happened. I didn't know I had to keep going myself and enemies will come out. Another problem was a trigger. When defending, I went over the barricades. Then the next objective showed up, even though, we didn't defend. I do like your scripted scenes and new models. Overall, the map is very good! 9/10! :D Keep up the good work! Wanna help me?
Posted by sam_fisher3000 on Sun. Jul. 18, 2010

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