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Include MP weapons in SP
CoDWW SP Mapping


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This map is based on the original COD mp_railyard map. I have tried to reproduce the map in the best detail I can. I have not included some of the 'un-necessary' detail of the original map i.e. the gap between the floors in the main building, ladders on the end of the train cars etc. as I saw it fits no purpose. I have drawn this map from scratch and it is not bsp to map and back again. It was all done from observations made in spectator mode. It might not be spot on but close enough. The game makers took the original map and reintroduced into COD2 with the CTF option of game play. I have always enjoyed the map and thought lets have it in the UO version. In this version you can choose to play CTF and DOM plus DM, TDM and BEL. The only difference will be on the spawn points. As for HQ players best use the original map.

by wrighty (email)


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