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**************************************************************************************************** Thedesert (COD 2 SP Map) **************************************************************************************************** INFO: **************************************************************************************************** sp map **************************************************************************************************** HISTORICAL DATA **************************************************************************************************** none **************************************************************************************************** CHANGES MADE **************************************************************************************************** This gives you a custom sp map tp play *************************************************************************************************** REASON MADE *************************************************************************************************** Because I haven't done it yet so I tried to make an sp map and here it is *************************************************************************************************** REQUIREMENTS,INTALLATION,REMOVAL,PROBABLEMS *************************************************************************************************** this of course requires cod 2 to install this map put in the cod 2 main folder and start the game once you start the game open the console and type in map thedesert and press enter the map will start. to remove it delete the thedesert.pk3 from your cod2 main N O T E : do not shoot the tanks till they stop and the objectives update otherwise you will just be stuck there doing nothing! *************************************************************************************************** CREDITS *************************************************************************************************** INFINITYWARD > FOR MAKING COD 2 greasersnoopy > For the mod visit my website at www.codmodder.com if you would like to do anything to this file like use in in your own mod you must contact me, or if you want to complain,have idea for it or what ever email me at admin@codmodder.com or callofduty247@yahoo.com

by greasersnoopy (email)


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nice map but there is an error,if you destroy the third tiger tank before the objective tells you to then the mission is locked and you have to restart,id suggest prettying up the map ie.adding effects and more geometry so its not all flat terrain and boxing of the sides with mountains so the player doesn't get the sense he can fall of it. Overall welldone
Posted by taintxs on Fri. Aug. 6, 2010

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